Another costume adventure! Half-elf fun time

The year has finally spun back to warm weather and green plants, so my best friend and I decided to do a costume photoshoot yesterday. Luckily I had never bothered to put away one of my costumes after the renfaire last fall, so I threw on those greens and browns, glued on some pointy ears, grabbed my mouse plushie and was ready to go out in public as Raff in his off-duty clothing.

Half-elf cosplay/costume

Half-elf cosplay/costume

Half-elf cosplay/costume

Half-elf cosplay/costume

Half-elf cosplay/costume

I made the green tunic, brown cloak, mouse plushie, belt pouch, and green and gold necklace (one of my friends made the amber one for me). Here's a closeup of some of those things:
Costume stuff 10/3

I do have to say that this is the simplest costume I have; the brown shirt and pants are actually ones I got from department stores years ago (although I've teastained the shirt from the white it started) and my elf boots have made their way into my regular wardrobe. Without the ears (and without the extra tunic and cloak), that means Raff could almost pass as normal. ;) I'm still planning on making his Messenger robe, but haven't had a chance to do that yet, so I figured Raff in his off-duty clothing would be almost as good. At least without a robe, I didn't get tangled in any plant life as we roamed the woods- the same can't be said for my dwarven viking adventure companion and her skirts. Mwahaha.

And it can't be a photoshoot without goofiness! We took quite a few of those, but these are my favorites. First, Rhy climbed onto my head:

Then he got some (rather creepy) ear scratches from the viking girl:

Before deciding to hide someplace:

And while my mouse was off visiting vikings, this is what happens when said best friend tells an elf to make a funny face:

Well, if there's one thing I can say about Raff, he will never claim to be sane. I think I have that craziness down, too. ;)




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