Writing and crafting combine!

I'm still slowly making progress on my novel (it would help if the plot would stop changing every five minutes!), but one of the artsy things I've been working on this month is related to writing. I decided that since I hoard charms the way a dragon does treasure, I'd finally use some and make a charm bracelet based on "In the Cards". I'm really happy with how it turned out!

Writing Charm Bracelet

I'll explain why I used each charm below. (Sorry for the watermarks; I try to watermark everything I upload to flickr.)

Writing Charm Bracelet 3

(Felix, one of the animal sidekicks and technically a character in his own right)
-playing cards
(tarot cards are an important part of the story and key into the prophecy)
-a bird, boat, and blue bead dangle
(Piper. She's the shapeshifter who wears blue; her occupation has her protecting ships from bad weather, although that doesn't come into play much here)

Writing Charm Bracelet 2

-feather and orange bead
(Raff. These represent the feather in amber pendant he wears as his holy symbol)
(For Clover, obviously; she'll get something else to go with it later)
-arrow, heart with red and white beads, violin
(Seph. As a priest of Eros, arrows and hearts are par for the course, and red and white are the colors of his order. He plays the fiddle.)

Writing Charm Bracelet 4

-tooth and beads
(Tavin. The fang charm represents the natural [bone, stone, wood] weapons he carries (and also the fact that he's an orc. He has fangs, lol). He's a shaman who works with the elements; the four colors represent air, water, earth and fire)
-knight charm
(the tarot cards that represent all but Clover are knights)
-mouse and key
(Bip, Raff's pet mouse; she's good at finding keys)

The clasp is a heart with an arrow, so that's another Seph-related thing. I'll probably be squeezing in more charms as I unlock more plot points. (But please, don't let there be any more characters to unlock! I already have too many of those!) Now I'm itching to make bracelets for my other stories, too!




  1. Thanks! :D This was really fun to make! I have other ones in mind for my Etsy shop- I'd love to make several "Dungeons and Dragons"-themed ones.

  2. What a great idea! I would love to do this for Stirling's "Change" saga, but I have no idea where to get so many cool charms. We send our love for the Solstice from Cammie, Sarah/Veet, and Meg/Liritar. Hope you are well.

  3. It's a nice, subtle way to be geeky because it looks like you're wearing a regular, boring bracelet. ;) I found most of the charms on Etsy, a few I got at the local craft store (the heart and the clover, I think), and a few may have come from ebay. I'm always surprised that there are charms out there for *everything*! :D

    I hope you guys have an awesome holiday, too! Sending love back at ya!


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