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Working on a calendar! I am LOVING the calendar creator over on After months of pondering this, I've finally sorted out my months of the year and the days of the week. However, this is... well, confusing. I had planned on labeling my flashback scenes/chapters so the reader knew when they took place, but something tells me "Andante 38th, 454" and "Chiaroscuro 3rd, 460" are probably not much of a help unless people don't mind indexes or explanation pages in fantasy. ;)

Each month has 40-41 days in it, there are 9 months in the year and 6 days in a week. I'm pretty sure I can make this work (I already know I'm going to need an index since this is very much not Earth), but it's going to take some clever writing to not frustrate the reader. I hope I'm up to the task! (I don't use a lot of made up words since that always drives me crazy- it's mainly the calendar that's different. All my characters' names and titles, as well as cities and locations, are normal and pronounceable.)

This is an art-centric culture, so the months are named after the muses of each branch of art. These muses are actually the constellations; legend says they came down from the sky to teach their artistic knowledge to the old artists centuries ago.

The days of the week are named after the six main founders of the country. Originally these started off as "Ceadda's Turn", "Petra's Turn", "Daegal's Turn", etc, but over the centuries that became shortened to things like "Ceadurn". A "turn" is what they call a day and a "rotation" is about an hour- the reason for this is that the building that housed the founders (and now houses the Artisan's Guild) is circular and rotates during the day, making a full turn by the next day. The building is essentially a clock.

And that's my world-building rambling for the day. :)




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