More outlining

If book 1 would ever settle into the correct order of events, that would be wonderful. Made a mini outline so I could easily see what’s going on, but geez, this story has shifted at least a dozen times. Who knows if this outline is going to hold up longer than a day? My dorks keep changing things.

Somehow a few more chapters got added since my last outline post. It looks like Adair and Firedrake both have 12 while Blythe still has 8. I'm a little worried about that, but it's probably okay. Adair's the main-main character so it makes sense for him to have the most. Firedrake's chapters are generally pretty short so in terms of word count it's probably even with Blythe who gets longer chapters. (Generally plot happens in Firedrake's chapters, then the fallout/result happens in Adair or Blythe's.)




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