A good (writing) start to the new year

Stayed home for New Year's Eve because I wasn’t feeling well, so I decided to try writing one of the short stories I have bouncing around inside my head. After not writing anything except notes/ideas in almost two months, this felt great! 2k words isn’t bad for being out of practice and it’s a solid first draft of a first chapter. I really am excited about my goal of writing short stories and ficlets this year!

This isn’t the story for the week one challenge since it'll likely take me longer than a week to do. (I might finish it for one of my wildcard weeks.) I wanted to start it anyway, because at this point I’ll take whatever words spring from my head onto the page. In this case it’s a story set about ten years after book one where the one character finds himself in an alternate reality and his alternate self (a ghost) finds himself in the real reality. This should be fun!




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