Somewhere in this foggy mind is week 4's story

I fell a bit behind with the 52 Short Stories in 52 Weeks challenge due to catching a bug that I think might actually be a plague in disguise. I did manage to jot down some ideas for the 4th story, though, so I'm hoping I can get my head a little less foggy so I can work on it. Right now I'm having trouble stringing two thoughts together. Stringing together several thousand words might be a challenge. I adjusted the photo to look blurry because I thought it looked neat, but right now that's sort of how my head feels!

For this story I probably need to be able to focus because I'm stepping a little outside my comfort zone. It’ll be first person, which I rarely write for anything other than direct verbal responses from characters like this. I think this might be the best approach, though, since the characters aren't at all human and have no names or identities. I haven’t even yet written the world where this takes place, so that'll be new, too! (I have characters from different planes/worlds, but so far I’d only written them on the human one.) This is what I'd like to do with these short stories, though. I'd like to use them to branch out a little into different styles and into things that will help with my world building. So we'll see how it goes. If I post another story here soon, it worked. If I don't... well, I probably ended up just taking a nap.




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