Apparently tonight I'm giving myself a pep talk

Today I was looking through older drafts of Colorweaver (Book 1) to see if there were any scenes I wanted to salvage and piece together for this draft.

Me: You know, some of these scenes were really good. I wonder if I should have kept the original direction of the story.
My logical side: NO. No no no! There's a reason you changed the plot and world building! Some of the lines may be good, but the story itself wasn't what it needed to be. Remember? That's why you changed it in the first place!
Me: But that version seems more serious, like a real fantasy novel. People want serious fantasy novels now.
My logical side: To hell with what's popular! And I believe the words you're looking for to describe those drafts are "stereotypical" and "flat". Your villain was more cardboard than a pizza box! You have a good thing going with your silly characters. Your antagonist now has motive and a personality.
Me: ...My antagonist is clumsy, barely understands the concept of clothing, and gets stuck as a two and a half foot tall bramble bush with wings and claws for half the story.
My logical side: Which supports "silly", "personality", and "motive". Just roll with the ridiculous. Believe me. It's where your heart lies and your words flow.
Me: Even if Sol just started making jokes about his own butt? And Adair is about the least competent and heroic protagonist in the history of ever?
My logical side: Trust your dorks.
Me: I hope you're right. Tomorrow I write the food fight scene.
My logical side: It shall be a food fight to go down in the history of fantasy novels. It shall be remembered.
Me: Yeah, because most other authors have actual fights.
My logical side: Then what do you call a main character getting killed off if not an actual fight?
Me: A chance for him to make a short joke when he's possessing Adair and then a way to prank their friends.
My logical side: Now you're getting the point! You can have serious, just keep the humor. You've got this.



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