Bilbo-style riddle about myself

Since my writing partner-in-crime is reading The Hobbit and did a version of Bilbo’s description to Smaug from her point of view, I decided to do my own. This was a lot of fun! :)

I come from the sylvan state and while trees fill my vision and heart, the Silvan ears I wear are false. I am soft-spoken and reticent, yet words hold my power.  

I am the peace-bringer, the hoop-spinner, the tale-smith. I was not chosen, but instead chose for I follow my own path.

I am one who desires to perform circus feats of dexterity and fears the eyes of an audience. I can summon shapes of imagination and wonder from mere coils of yarn. I am trusted by all beasts as one of their own and caregiver to the tiniest of mischievous sprites. I am one who claims no gender or sexuality, yet am capable of love despite my designations that begin with “a”; I am no robot or plant.

I am the friend of any who are kind and rarely a guest, though guests I readily house. I am Geocacher and Colorweaver; and I am Hope-bringer.



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