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So I decided to get back into playing the Sims 2. A few months ago I found skins and objects that worked well for my characters, but then I got sucked into the game and didn't write for two weeks, so I put the game aside. I decided to start it up again in the hope that I won't get too distracted by it this time! I'm going to start taking screenshots when they're amusing- unfortunately yesterday I got some really funny ones but I realized too late that the game's screenshots were terrible and small! So for now I'm doing the print screen option instead.

Anyway, to summarize what's going on, I made my five main characters Adair, Blythe, Etri, Sol, and Firedrake into sims along with their cat. I downloaded a lot/house that gave me carnival wagons similar to theirs, then I've gradually been adjusting them to be closer.

That second picture is a corner of Adair, Blythe, and Etri's wagon. I figured out how to get the easel to use a picture from my computer, so I had Adair paint this drawing. On the wall next to it is a goofy photobooth thing of Adair and Etri.

And now some silliness! I tend to let the sims make their own decisions because it makes things much funnier. ;)

Here's Adair falling asleep in his soup because his sim is just about as capable of making good life decisions as his real character is.

Adair is also apparently too dumb to entertain himself, so he has freakout time in the middle of the kitchen while Blythe looks on in amusement. Adair's sim is moronic and constantly in the red and yellow because he can't take care of himself. Sheesh. Entirely accurate, but sheesh. This is why you accidentally bound yourself to two sentinels (bodyguards), you dork; you need all the help you can get.

Then Adair finally gets his act together to start painting and immediately the twins start bugging him for attention. Seriously, guys? I love that I was able to find goggles for Sol and a tattoo for Adair that looks like part of his skin discoloration!

Etri finally left Adair alone in order to have an argument with Firedrake about magic. This is 100% accurate, but they don't generally argue in the bathroom. Usually. I wouldn't put it past them!

And what was Blythe doing during all this? Blade dancing, of course! She got her hands on a bat'leth and now she's telling me that she wants one of these instead of the swords she usually dances with. ...And I just realized that Etri is in the background sticking half out of the door. Definitely a glitch, but passing his body through solid objects is something he's capable of doing!




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