Character Aesthetic for Adair

I got it into my head today that I wanted to make aesthetic grid things for my characters. After spending three hours on this one, we'll see if I get the other four done, but I'm pretty happy with this! This one is for Adair, the main character of my trilogy.

To ramble a bit, blue and purple are his thing- sky blue because it's his favorite color, purple because it's the color of his magic. He's a Colorweaver, which is an artist with illustration magic. (Basically he's an illusionist whose drawings and paintings move on the paper/canvas.) His occupation is cartographer, but he spends all of his free time sketching, painting, and cooking. And eating. And trying to feed everyone he loves, although good luck getting him to share pie! (I love the quote on the center picture because he actually does befriend the shy character by giving him tea and getting him to talk about himself.) He has a pet cat who follows him everywhere. A magical mishap left him with tattoo-like whirls over much of his upper body; this picture was as close as I could find. I wanted something to represent the trans flag and this bracelet is very Adair- not because he wears hearts, but because he's so friendly and affectionate. Although he would probably wear a bracelet with hearts on it if just for the pun of wearing his heart on his sleeve.



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