Sorting my MCs

Here’s the info: First put down what Hogwarts house you’re in, and then sort each of your MCs into a house and explain why you think they belong in that house. It’ll be interesting to see how many of your MCs are in the same house as you.

I was tagged over on Tumblr to do this game and I think this is the coolest writing tag game that I've ever done! I’ve actually been thinking about this for a bit, trying to figure out where my characters would go. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be!

Me: Hufflepuff

Adair: Hufflepuff. This was the character I had absolutely no trouble sorting. He’s so incredibly loyal to his friends- his friends quickly become his family and there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for them. He’s nurturing and loves taking care of them (especially if it involves cooking for them!) and he has a bad habit of adopting any stray animal that he sees. He’s the character who most “plays fair” I guess you’d call it- the one least inclined to break rules or cause trouble, but also the one most likely to go along with what the others want. He hates having to make decisions and tends to be more than a little wishy-washy. He hates rocking the boat and is the perpetual peace-keeper. He doesn’t care if someone insults him or does something to hurt him, but his claws come out if someone dares do this to someone he loves. And he’s just so practical which is a weird, weird thing considering that he’s an Artisan and artists in his culture are prone to being melodramatic and eccentric.

Etri: Ravenclaw. He’s the character I waffled over second least. I thought briefly of putting him into Gryffindor because he has something of a habit of self-sacrifice, but he’s just too Ravenclaw. He’s all about knowledge and learning and books and history. He’s the logical one who comes up with the best plans because he’s the one who puts the most thought into what the group should be doing. He’s incredibly open-minded and this takes Adair by surprise more than once because it’s not something you’d expect from someone with Etri’s stoic personality and indoctrinated childhood. He loves learning anything about pretty much everything, but it’s weird subjects that he reads most. His favorites are astronomy and mythology, which also takes everyone by surprise because he’s so grounded and logical.

Sol: Ravenclaw. I waffled for a little longer here because he’s pretty dang Hufflepuff with his constant cheer and a desire to see everyone around him as happy as he is. If anything he’s even more family-centric than Adair. But he’s just so… well, I call him my eccentric inventor and that’s why he’s better in Ravenclaw. He’s not books smart like his brother- I think Sol has dyslexia so bad that he can’t read- but he’s come up with an entire writing system for himself involving pictures and dots to use in his notes that he uses for his inventions. And he’s always creating things. Sometimes practical, sometimes bizarre. His mind is always going a mile a minute and it’s difficult for the other characters to keep up, so it ends up sounding like Sol’s talking nonsense. On the surface he looks silly and dumb, without a thought in his head, but he’s always thinking at a speed that rivals even Etri.

And here’s where things start to get weird and not what you’d expect. Blythe and Firedrake are the two that I spent forever thinking about because my first instinct was absolutely wrong for both of them.

Blythe: she’s the team mom, the one with her own head on her shoulders who makes sure that the others don’t end up neck-deep in trouble. She’s the one who runs into danger to rescue those who needs it- anyone who needs it, regardless of if she knows them or not. While Adair tends to adopt animals, she tends to adopt people and kind of assigns herself the role of their protector even if they don’t need it. She’s a healer, for pete’s sake. My gut instinct was Gryffindor. Nope. Slytherin.

While she’s willing to help out anyone who needs it, her default state of being is her own goals and career and she’ll sacrifice and work her butt off to reach those goals. She has a tendency to be judgmental with a better-than-you attitude (or more like a “you’re about to do something incredibly stupid and I’m smarter than that” attitude). She doesn’t think things through, she just goes with her gut even if it ends up being absolutely the wrong course of action. Gods does she need Adair’s heart and Etri’s brains to balance out her need to be right in the middle of the action- or to just plain balance out her need to be right. She’s constantly taking risks even when she’d simultaneously be complaining about someone else taking the same risks. I’d say she’s a leader, but I don’t think she’s actually any good at leading. What she tends to do is decide her own course and assume the others will follow her. These things make her sound like a horrible person and I guess that’s inevitable for someone in Slytherin. :-/

Firedrake: I think I may have spent even longer trying to sort Dray! I mean, they’re egotistical and cynical and tends to think of themself first (or at least second). They love being the center of attention- infamy is fine because it means at least people see them. Dray’s a prankster with mind-control magic who sees nothing wrong with inconveniencing or embarrassing someone they feel deserves it. Dray’s had the hardest life of the five and this definitely shows. My gut said Slytherin. Nope. Gryffindor.

Almost all of Dray’s showboating, their ego, their sarcasm, their “me first” attitude… it’s all an act. A lie they tell themself so they don’t get hurt, to keep people away. But it doesn’t work. People get into Dray’s heart and these people absolutely become the center of Dray’s world. Most of the bad things Dray does are a misguided attempt to protect the ones they love. They try to do what they think is right and it just ends up backfiring because Dray tends to not think things through past the first fiery burst of inspiration of an idea. Dray will absolutely do something reckless and dangerous to protect someone they care about. They’ll even do this for someone they don’t know well- they’ll question this decision later and maybe even while they’re helping, but they’ll help anyway. Dray will always fight back against things that are wrong or people who are cruel, even if this isn’t currently being directed at them. Dray’s been on the receiving end of this too often to be willing to let others experience it, too. Despite the pranks and the mind-control magic, Dray will never voluntarily hurt anyone. I can’t say the same for Blythe even with her whole “do no harm but take no shit” mindset.


This is long and super rambly, but such a fun thing to do! It really did give me new insight about characters I know incredibly well. I don’t think Blythe or Firedrake are happy where they ended up and both assumed they’d be reversed lol. I’m absolutely not surprised that Adair’s in the same house as me, though. I mean, we’re both pretty much the epitome of Hufflepuff.




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