Combining jewelry making with writing

Writing Charm Bracelet

Well, it was inevitable. I still have a huge collection of jewelry charms so I was bound to make a bracelet for the current novel like I did for the previous one. This one is inspired by "Unexpected Inspiration". It's a lot simpler than the previous one I made for "In the Cards", but I kind of like that about it; it certainly makes it lighter to wear! :)

Here are some more photos:Writing Charm Bracelet
Writing Charm Bracelet

To geek out about the meaning, here's why I chose the charms I did. Moving counterclockwise from the left:
(Grandeau. The kid with shadow magic who summons invisible objects from another plane. He makes decisions based on coin flips.)
(Etri. The fire-eater, thief, and shadow-mage who has a moon theme with his clothing and tattoos.)
(Blythe. She's the guard and sword-dancer who definitely has a thing for blades.)
-Paint palette
(Adair. The only non-performer in the bunch is my painter/cartographer. Addy's illusion magic works best through his paintbrush and paints.)
(Dray. They're a fire-dancer with mind control magic.)
(Sol. Where Etri has moons, his twin has suns. Sol's the fire-breather, light-mage, and overall comic relief.)
-Treble clef
(Chantrell. She's the young musician with sound magic.)

I might still add some beads or something to it down the line, though, since I love color and this lacks that. I'm also planning on switching out the coin. I sanded it down so it looked a little more silvery (although it still looks copper in the pictures for some reason), but it doesn't quite match and it's not exactly what I wanted to use for Grandeau.


Edit: I've since removed Chantrell and Grandeau from these books and moved them into a different trilogy in the series where they'll be a little older and main characters. I'll be taking those charms off at some point and switching them out for the current characters in these books. :)



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