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I’m Meri Greenleaf, a fantasy artist and writer from the suburbs of Philadelphia. While I've always been an artist at heart, art was joined by a love of the written word when I began taking as many literature courses as I could in college. With this as my focus, I graduated with a degree in English in 2005 from Penn State University.

Around that time I began experimenting with fanficion, mostly involving The Lord of the Rings with a few other book fandoms thrown in. I say fanfiction, but in reality it was usually humor and parodies, most likely influenced by my love of Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, and Mystery Science Theater 3000. When I drifted away from fanfic into the handcrafted fantasy world created for Dungeons & Dragons games (The Acolyte's Map and Hidden Magic are my stories based in this world), I kept humor at the forefront.

My current project is a lighthearted series of fantasy novels (including an assortment of short stories) set in an arts-centric culture. Artists, inventors, and circus/carnival performers fill the cast of characters and make writing this a blast! I enjoy the opportunity to design cultures, species, and magic from scratch, so a lot of my time spent writing has also been spent world-building. I moved away from the vaguely-Medieval fantasy of my Dungeons & Dragons world into something that's much more technologically and culturally advanced for this series. In Concordia, magic is science as much as it is art.

The Unexpected Inspiration series is kind of a mishmash of genres all around. It's YA (or New Adult) high fantasy in a world that's contemporary to our own; imagine if steampunk progressed a little further, but was supplemented by magic instead of steam power. It's got romance, comedy, magic, and a cast that's entirely LGBT+. And carnival performers. Lots and lots of carnival performers!

Subverting tropes and cliches brings me gleeful satisfaction. It's so much fun to blaze your own trail and make your own messes! Okay, maybe that's my artist side speaking. Below are plushies/dolls I made of the main characters in Unexpected Inspiration-- say hi to Firedrake, Sol, Etri, Adair, and Blythe.

As well as writing and art, my hobbies include reading, visiting the Renaissance faire, putting together costumes, Dungeons & Dragons, studying tarot and runes, Pokemon, geocaching, and flow/circus arts. I’ve taken up hooping (hoop dancing), juggling, baton, devil/flower sticks, leviwand, staff, and poi, which I will admit were largely influenced by the fact that I’ve spent so much time writing carnival performers. I joke that by the time I’m ready to have the series published, I’ll be adept at all of the flow arts. Research doesn't just have to come from books!

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