About the Unexpected Inspiration Series

The Unexpected Inspiration series is a lighthearted collection of fantasy novels and short stories. It's high fantasy set in an art-centric, contemporary world and is filled with magic, mischief, and found family. It stars a cast of lgbt+ characters including artists, inventors, and carnival performers. I'm currently writing a series-within-a-series trilogy (previously a quartet) of novels and have plans for many more books in this series about different characters, time periods, and locations in that world.

If you'd like to learn more about the world, check out the Cultures & Locations tag or the History & Mythology tag. For more about the characters, visit the main character page or the character moodboards. If you're looking for a goofy introduction to the series, I have a powerpoint presentation written by one of the main characters. You can also find an index of lots of info and pretty pictures on the moodboard page.

The books aren't finished yet, but you can read all of the short stories in the series here on this site! Links to those stories are below the book info and on their own page.
(Book 1)
Type: Novel
Status: Combining what was two books into one
POV: Adair, Blythe, Dray
An arcane artist finds himself in the middle of a carnival with no memory of how he got there. Fortunately for him, the performers are more than willing to help a strange boy wearing pajamas and paint stains. Unfortunately, he soon realizes that his graduation project has been stolen with the due date looming. When his new friends assume that his project was taken by thieves who regularly steal magical art and technology from around the capital city, Adair learns that there's much more to the performers than carnival acts. The Restorers-- the secret name of this particular carnival troupe-- work together to investigate and track down stolen art in order to return it to the original creators. Around the same time Adair's not-exactly-thief goes missing, the Restorers begin to suspect that they're being followed rather than the other way around. Adair isn't sure what's worse: being used as bait to catch the thieves or having his uncharacteristically helpful ex-boyfriend pulled back into his life. It's probably the ex. (This was previously two books [Colorweaver and Sentinel], both several drafts in before I decided to combine them.)
(Book 2)
Type: Novel
Status: Outlining & writing 1st draft
POV: Adair, Blythe, Dray, Camille, Ametrine
The dorks are successful! Mostly. Sort of. They're doing their best. They've uncovered who is indirectly responsible for the thefts in their home city, but the problem goes much deeper. A plan is made to infiltrate suspect locations using fake identities and the less-than-lawful background of the least reliable dork. Dray, who agrees with this assessment of their character, starts to dig for information with Adair's help while the others investigate a surge in illnesses all too near the pair for this to be coincidence. The careful plan veers off course when mistaken memories of the past collide with visions of an alternate present. Now the clock is ticking on finding what and when things went wrong. Dray needs to find a way to stop the flashovers and regain their correct memories or else the identities of the dorks will be exposed. Dray has avoided jail this long, they'd rather keep that trend going. And keeping the people affected by illness and the reality split safe, that's probably important, too.
(Book 3)
Type: Novel
Status: Brainstorming
POV: Adair, Blythe, Dray, Camille, Ametrine
Trouble next door leads to trouble far away and the dorks are seriously questioning how they got wrapped up in all this. One day they're chasing down a thief, the next they're dragged into a government conspiracy and a timeline gone wrong, and today they're stepping through a doorway into snow - - and into a mistake made a decade and a lifetime ago. Maybe this time things will go differently. Maybe this time they're who they always needed to be. Maybe this time things won't explode, split in two, disappear, or try to blackmail them. All they have to do is help bring down a cruel mythos and unite what is with the mistake that created what isn't. That's a walk in the park compared to dealing with ex boyfriends and familial expectations.
A Sparkler's Glow
Type: Novella (stand-alone story)
Status: Written (needs editing)
POV: Talan
Just your typical “imp comically struggling to adjust to the confusing world of humans meets agender carnival performer with a penchant for fire and snark” love story. All Talan wants out of life is to find his next meal, to stop being so clumsy in his new body, and to learn why humans are so obsessed with shiny flat discs. When he meets Dray and discovers that he wants the fire-dancer as a friend and not a source of magic, life suddenly becomes a little more dangerous and far more confusing.
Type: Novella (stand-alone story)
Status: Complete. Available to read here
POV: Adair, Blythe, Etri, Sol, Dray
Chapter 1 (Adair), 2 (Etri), 3 (Dray), 4 (Blythe), 5 (Sol), 6 (Adair), 7 (Blythe), 8 (Etri), 9 (Sol), 10 (Dray), 11 (Adair)

The Dorks discover that despite all their differences, pranks, and misunderstandings, their soulmate markings belong to each other. Watch as a bewildered artist, a dopey inventor, a snarky dancer, a protective goth, and a frazzled healer try to figure out how to be a family.

(This longer story is a platonic soulmate AU, meaning that it's mostly canon to the series but includes a soulmate trope that isn't part of the real events. This is told in multiple parts with each chapter/scene from a different character’s POV. It starts with the characters' pasts before moving into their present as of book 1 [Colorweaver].)
Type: Short stories (stand-alone)
Status: Available to read right here!
POV: Misc.
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