Powerpoint Intro to the Unexpected Inspiration Series

It’s the comic sans powerpoint that’s barely a powerpoint because the only punctuation mark Sol has ever met is the exclamation point. Brevity? He’s never met her either. This was a thing going around Tumblr a while ago and I realized I never shared it here, so if you want info about my series told in a silly way by my sillest character, look no further!

Here's the transcription for each slide:

Slide 1: Unexpected Inspiration. AKA The Thing with all the artists and carnival performers and ridiculousness and fluff and pies! AKA this thing with the paint brushes (with an arrow pointing to the book cover for the series)
This is followed by silly meme screenshots that describe this trilogy:
  • "Notes: they're all gay. I don't even care. try to stop me"
  • "My entire life is an example of idiot plot" "Idiot plot: Any plot containing problems that would be solved instantly if all of the characters were not idiots."
  • "Contents: 1 Early Life, 2 The First Disaster, 3 Additional Disasters, 3.1 Public Embarrassment"
Then a note from me saying "Written by merigreenleaf with the powerpoint assist by Sol. Handing it over to him. It’s all you now, dude. I’m going to take a nap."

Slide 2 title: I got this! Okay so this is me! Sol!
Under an avatar maker picture of him are the words "I love yellow! and my favorite wench! and glitter! Did you know glitter makes things work better? some glue and glitter and POOF it’s a success! Great for inventions, not so great for Addy’s cooking"

The bullet points of the slide are
  • I’m an inventor! I make all sorts of really smarfy stuff that sometimes blows up!
  • Blade likes it best when it doesn’t blow up but she’s always worried about nothing like “Sol please get off the roof before you break all your bones” and “sweetheart we don’t need a stove that can fire pies into Addy’s mouth”
  • I’m a fire performer! I have an act with Etch and I really really want one with Dray because they have fire magic too!
  • I can walk around on fire and make fire appear outta nowhere. I also make lights that can float around :D

Slide 3 title: Oh! I gotta intro my bestest buddy in the whole world! This is Addy! (Adair)
Under the avatar picture of Adair are the words "He loves pie and sweets and always makes yummy things for us! and he loves Etch and Blade and that’s the best thing ever because they’re my importants :D"

The bullet points of the slide are
  • Coolest artist ever because he lets me use his paints and doesn’t get mad when I accidentally use up all his yellow!
  • MAGIC artist! His pictures move around, how smarfy is that! He’s learning how to change how people (and stuff!) look (illusions he says) AND he made paint that makes things go invisible! He says the paint was a mistake but he’s wrong, that’s a success!
  • When he sleepwalked into the carnival he met me first and we’ve been BFFs ever since!
  • He’s a map-maker so that means he gets to travel a lot (artists usually don’t) and can live with us carnies forever!

Slide 4 title: This is Etri! Etch is the best brother ever even though we didn’t know what brothers were for ages and ages
Under the avatar of Etri it says "He loves writing poetry and being in quiet places up high and reading big boring books. He picked a goth look so he could be opposite me :D"

The bullet points of the slide are
  • When we lived in the icky bad place and weren’t allowed friends he kept me safe anyway and then he taught me magic. then we learned we’re twins!
  • He can turn into a shadow (kinda icky) and make light/fire go dark so our act is juggling torches and playing with fire! He also does knifes with Blade!
  • We both used to be reverse-thieves! He snuck in places to take/return stuff and I was one of the carnies who was a distraction :D
  • He’s really quiet and doesn’t like being around lots of people so I’ve been his voice a lot. but he always stands up for me when I’m confused or if I took trash I wasn’t supposed to. He’s so brave!

Slide 5 title: This is Blade! (Blythe) She’s my little big sister! She’s like my big sis even though she’s younger and shorter than me"
Under the avatar of Blythe it says "Blade loves blades! She also really loves plants and making stuff outta yarn and fighting with Dray"

The bullet points of the slide are
  • She’s like me and can fix anything but her anything is people! She never ever yells at me for getting hurt even when it’s a dumb reason and she’s never been loud to Etch either because she knows he gets anxious easy. She saves the yelling for other people.
  • She can tell what you’re thinking/feeling just by touch, but she’s a healer so she’s super careful. She can even read memories of people from objects if they touched something with magic in it!
  • She’s so quick and so strong! She trained as a Protectorate and now she and Etch are Addy’s sentinels! (that’s like a bodyguard who protects art but is also a signif other) So she’s my real sis now!

Slide 6 title: And Dray! They’re my (our) important too!
Under the avatar of Dray it says "Dray loves fire and makeup and starting trouble and also those really boring books that Etch loves"

The bullet points of the slide are
  • They’re Blythe’s sibling-by-choice (kinda like me!) but Dray left her troupe years ago so me and Etch and Addy only met them a few months ago
  • They have fire magic! (also kinda like me but they don’t have light too) They also got magic that can make people do things (if it sounds reasonable)
  • They’re a dancer! Mostly with fire, usually props, sometimes ballet. They’re so graceful! and tiny!
  • They love causing trouble! but it’s like fun trouble. Blade hates this though and the two are always fighting. Dray fights with Etch too but that’s always a “careful contest of wits” as Etch calls it (neither will admit it but Dray & Etch are BFFs)
  • Don’t tell them but I have a HUGE crush on them

Slide 7 title: There’s also other people around us a lot!
There are avatars of 6 other characters with arrows pointing to each one.
  • This is Ametrine, our kid! He’s quiet but really smart, like I think more smart than we are. His best friend is invisible!
  • This is Sapph! She gave me and Etch a place to live when we came to Concordia. She leads our old carnival troupe. She’s sweet! :D
  • This is Rosalie and Camille. The icky bad place sent them to find me and Etch but it turns out they’re both pretty cool? Rosalie’s been missing a while though and Camille’s really bummed about it. (Camille tried to kidnap me once, but no hard feelings, she didn’t really want to)
  • This is Talan, Dray’s ex. He stole Addy’s art but we fixed that all up and now he’s our friend. People always mix him up with me!
  • This is Feren. NOT COOL. He’s Addy’s ex and a butt and causes problems but not fun problems like Dray does

Slide 8 title: We have a plot! :D
These are a set of meme screenshots representing each book in this trilogy.

Book 1 Colorweaver:
  • First Meme "It's been literally five days since we met" "I would die for you"
  • Second Meme: "Local dumbasses knew what they were getting themselves into and did it anyways"
  • Third Meme: "When life gives you lost, traumatized children, adopt them! It's good business."
  • Fourth Meme: "Band of Weirdos"

Book 2: Flashover:
  • First Meme: "Your parallel universe or mine?"
  • Second Meme: "2.1 Homosexuality, 2.2 Magic, 2.3 Class Tensions"
  • Third Meme: "That sounds illegal. I'm in"
  • Fourth Meme: "Soul mates: reality or torture device?"

Book 3: Iconoclasm:
  • First Meme: "The gang screws the government"
  • Second Meme: "I don't even know what's happening anymore but I may or may not be a human sacrifice, who knows"
  • Third Meme: "Like who hasn't made a deal with a centuries-old entity of questionable moral standing and motives"
  • Fourth Meme: "If you don't terrify people a little bit then what's the point"

Slide 9 title: Places that we go! (Silveridge, capital of Concordia)
  • This is home! It’s so easy to be an inventor here! so much good trash, sometimes even with a bit of magic still in it! It’s so colorful!
  • Besides the art thieves it’s really peaceful and chill
  • Most people are friendly and like to talk to me :D
  • Living here is nice. Family doesn’t matter, job doesn’t matter, you can be happy and safe
  • HUGE carnival troupe that stays in the city so lots of performances!
  • I love this place!

Slide 10 title: Places that we go! (Galanvoth. Eh it’s okay I guess)
  • Me and Etch lived here years ago but it was a coastal town far away from anything so WAY different from where Dray grew up. That’s where we go.
  • Family line is SUPER important here and if you don’t got it, you’re nothing
  • Literally. They call you a no-name and your worth is less
  • It’s pretty okay here if you’re a Named. Not Concordia good, but Galanvoys HATE Concordia. I think they hate fun
  • This place is ancient. like Concordia’s a baby in comparison
  • Trash is decent but no magic here so it’s not as fun to use for inventions
  • Food’s pretty good, entertainment okay
  • At least it’s not Montglace

Slide 11 title: Places that we go part 2! (Montglace. Awww man we gotta go back??? I take back anything bad I said about Galanvoth!)
  • Stark, boring and scary at the same time, no colors like at all
  • Food bland and limited, at least for Etch who wasn’t a priest yet & me as a servant
  • If you don’t have magic (or strong magic) you’re mostly ignored unless you’re targeted
  • I don’t know what it’s like outside the temples since that’s all me and Etch knew before we escaped. hopefully better?
  • No one’s allowed to leave the underground city. not that they’d get far since it’s a mountain island way north
  • I mean it. They killed my boyfriend and tried to kill me for trying to leave

Slide 12 title: Bonus stuff! That I’m not supposed to know about but I peeked at Meri’s notes so don’t tell her!
  • Our trilogy is only part of a bigger story! some things connect way way back to a prequel hundreds of years ago
  • Ametrine gets books where he’s grown up and those stories cross over to our other kids. (wait, we have other kids???)
  • Talan has a novella about meeting Dray and he’s gonna get a second story too!
  • Sapph’s been asking for a story. I think she wants a romantic time travel thing with Rosalie (so sweet! I ship it!)
  • Dray REALLY doesn’t want their past revealed but Meri’s tempted to write about their time as a criminal in Galanvoth
  • And our world isn’t the only world! You’ll meet some of those basically- aliens in the prequel and at some point you’ll visit their worlds if Meri gets around to building them (You’ll meet some in this trilogy too but remember I didn’t tell you that!)
  • So Meri’s got Plans! which are different from my Plans and won’t explode. probably.

Slide 13 title: Wrapping up! Got any questions?
Ask me or Meri if you want to know more! I love to talk! Hey, did you know that talking is a thing some light elementals can do? well, they can’t really talk themselves but they can remember sound and voices and if you ask them really nice (or if you’re really mean to them I guess but I don’t do that!) you can get them to repeat it back! That’s how me and the others talk when we’re apart. We ask our light elemental friends for help! They’re iffy about Etch ‘cuz he’s a shadow but they know he’s a nice shadow and they know that Talan won’t eat them anymore but the cat keeps trying to eat them so that doesn’t work if she’s around and… oh I’m running out of space!
-this has been a powerpoint by me sol celeste :D

(Note: some of this might not end up 100% true to the series because I've made some changes since I wrote this, but mostly it's accurate.)



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