Unexpected Inspiration Character: Dray

There was something about dance mixed with the trailing light of their daggers that caused Dray to lose all track of time and fall into a meditative state of tranquility. They let their fear, worry, and irritation fall away as they focused on the whirling motion of their long skirt and their lit blades.

All that mattered were the steps, the props, and the flame. Especially the flame.

Dray is a carnival performer and dancer more than a little obsessed with props and fire. What was once just their stage persona of a dragon has gradually taken over their daily appearance. Dray is agender, uses they/them pronouns, and doesn’t care an iota about anyone’s assumptions of gender. Their entire petite being is fueled by sarcasm, snark and spite, and their moral compass has a habit of malfunctioning. Dray gets a kick out of pranking people, usually by using their fire and mind-manipulation magics. Despite all this, Dray is a good person at heart and refuses to use their magic to do more than humiliate or inconvenience someone. After years of being kicked around, Dray will never kick back at someone who doesn’t deserve it. Dray is one of the main characters in the Unexpected Inspiration series.



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