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Writing Character Dolls Adair DollBlythe Doll Etri DollSol Doll Firedrake Doll (fire dancer)Firedrake Doll (fire dancer)

I don’t think I ever shared these dolls/plushies that I made of my main characters, so here they are. Left to right in the top picture are Dray, Sol, Etri, Adair, and Blythe.

These are all a few years old and if I’d done them now, I probably would have made a few changes, like putting Blythe in her regular clothes instead of her knife-performance costume, and giving Addy more normal clothes because this outfit became the pajamas he starts book 1 wearing. (He meets the other characters when he sleepwalks into their carnival.) If I ever get my crafting motivation back again, I’d love to finish the set and make Camille, Rosalie, Ametrine, and Sapphire, at least.

They’re all about 6" tall and crocheted, with polymer clay items and felt and fabric paint embellishments. Like Addy has a clay pie and his paintbrush (focus of his magic), Blythe’s got her knives and a sheathed sword, Etri also has a knife, Sol has a torch (originally that was going to be the focus of his magic but since he's still a fire performer, it works), and Dray has a pair of fire-dancing swords. These plastic eyes always look crossed when photographed, but they’re not actually cross-eyed lol.



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