About the Unexpected Inspiration Main Characters

These are the seven main characters in the Unexpected Inspiration series, along with their animal sidekick. You can meet the secondary characters here.

Adair Cerulean is an arcane painter and cartographer whose illusion/illustration magic channels through art. (Magic is called "weaving" in these stories.) More than a little obsessed with food, particularly pies and desserts, Adair loves cooking almost as much as he loves drawing, spending time with his friends, and puns. Nothing can compare to his love of a groan-worthy joke! Just like a pie, he's sweet, a little flaky, and everyone's always happy to see him. Adair's a trans boy who wears his heart on his sleeve next to the paint stains that regularly splatter his clothes. He's the heart of a misfit group of carnival performers who consider him one of their own. | Bio Page / Bio Moodboard / Backstory Moodboard / Pinterest Board |

Blythe Bladedancer is a healer and knife/blade performer for a carnival troupe. She spent much of her life prior to this as a Protectorate, the elite group trained to guard art and artists. Along with Etri, she becomes one of Adair's sentinels. (This is a triad culture; sentinels are the bodyguards/spouses to arcane artists.) She's strong-willed, quick at making decisions, and just as quick to speak her mind. She has a soft spot for those in need and will defend and help anyone who looks like they might need it, even if they insist they don't. Blythe doesn't fear much of anything, except maybe people discovering what else her magic can do-- or one of her friends doing something stupidly dangerous. In her defense, this seems to happen every five minutes. | Bio PageBio Moodboard / Backstory Moodboard / Pinterest Board |

Dray is a carnival performer and dancer more than a little obsessed with props and fire. What was once simply their stage persona of a dragon has gradually taken over their daily appearance. Dray is agender, uses they/them pronouns, and doesn't care an iota about anyone's assumptions of gender. Their entire petite being is fueled by sarcasm, snark, and spite, and their moral compass has a habit of pointing a little off north. Dray tends to use their fire and mind-manipulation magics in retaliation against those who wronged them-- or who they feel deserved it in some way, even if no one else agrees. Under all the bravado is intense loyalty and someone who'd do absolutely anything for the people they love. It’s just that their love frequently involves vaguely-insulting nicknames and an insult contest or five. | Bio Page / Bio Moodboard / Backstory Moodboard 1 & 2 / Pinterest Board |

Etri Celeste is a carnival performer specializing in knives, having previously spent several years working as a reverse-thief where he returned stolen art back to its creators. His magic involves shadows and darkness, allowing him to snuff out light/fire and turn himself nearly invisible-- something that helps both his thieving career and his social anxiety immensely. Etri is the epitome of the expression "cold hands, warm heart"– and not just because his magic leaves his skin noticeably chilly. While he's a reserved introvert with a fear of social situations, he's also kindhearted and intensely loyal to anyone who has gotten past his shy demeanor to earn his friendship. This loyalty and a fiercely protective streak leads him to become one of Adair's sentinels, alongside Blythe. He's the brains of the group and the one most likely to think through a plan. Unfortunately, he's also the one most likely to dive headfirst into the first sign of danger without telling anyone about it. He'd much rather risk himself than have someone else potentially get hurt. | Bio Page / Bio Moodboard / Backstory Moodboard / Pinterest Board |

Sol Celeste is a fire performer with light/fire magic, but you can usually find him swimming through a dumpster or garbage heap. He's an inventor who uses scraps that no one else wants and the heat from his magic to create objects ranging from useful to "what the heck is this thing?" He always has ideas, although whether they'll work or backfire spectacularly is up in the air– which is frequently where they end up when they backfire. He's something of a genius ditz; he comes off as a vapid, musclebound goofball, but inside that thick head of his is a mind that's always five steps ahead. It's just that they're five steps well off the beaten path and his Sol-ish comments tend to leave people bewildered. As sunny as his chosen name, he's always friendly and eager to help others even when his goofy flavor of help isn't always appreciated. He's Etri's identical twin and they intentionally play off each other's sun/moon, light/dark theme. | Bio Page / Bio Moodboard / Backstory Moodboard / Pinterest Board |

Rosalie is technically a priestess, but she's spent years trying to find a way to tell her partner that she'd rather not be, thanks. Seven years ago she and another priestess were sent away from the Sanctuaries of Shadow and Light in order to complete a specific assignment. This quickly became a task neither women were interested in. In Rosalie's case, she grew to love life far away from her restrictive and dangerous home. She wants nothing more than to stay in Concordia and live a normal life-- until she's pulled outside of linear time with no way to get back. Then she just wants any kind of life. At least she still has her pet shadow, an elemental with dog-like intelligence, and the burgeoning friendship with a strange woman who may also be a traveler in time. | Bio Page / Bio Moodboard / Backstory Moodboard / Pinterest Board |

Camille is a priestess who is great at summoning and controlling light elementals, not so great at listening. Like Rosalie, she has long since lost interest in the task assigned to them by their home temples. Unlike her colleague and closest friend, she is determined to someday go back. The messages they've received from their superiors have grown more and more contradicting and nonsensical over the years, which means something has clearly gone wrong back home. Not lacking in ambition or self-confidence, Camille is determined to prepare herself and Rosalie to take over as high priestesses of their respective Sanctuaries. Camille says it's because both are needed in order to change things, but in truth it's because she can't imagine life without Rosalie by her side. When Rosalie goes missing, Camille finds herself shaken and adrift for the first time in her life. | Bio Page / Bio Moodboard / Backstory Moodboard / Pinterest Board |

Willow is the resident cat who sauntered into Blythe's home one day and never left. While technically Adair's cat, she claims ownership over his family to various degrees of agreement. She can frequently be found riding around on Adair's shoulders and nibbling his paint brushes, keeping mice out of Blythe's healing herbs and occasionally trying to eat her plants, snuggled up with Etri while he reads, and sleeping on a pile of Dray's costumes. However, the bulk of Willow's attention is saved for Sol. She's either his arch nemesis or best friend, but no one is sure which. Willow is highly curious and loves to climb into cabinets and pilfer anything shiny or ribbony. Her favorite game is swatting tiny light elementals. Consequently, this is the light elementals' least favorite game. | Moodboard |



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