Quick Stats:
Name: Rosalie
Age: 32
Height: 5'10"
Birthplace: Montglace
Tarot Card: Temperance
Occupation: priestess
Magic: shadow
Favorite Color: lilac
Favorite Hobby/Skills: going to plays and concerts, teaching tricks to shadow elementals
Traits: timid, compassionate, resourceful

About Rosalie:
Rosalie is technically a priestess, but she's spent years trying to find a way to tell her partner that she'd rather not be, thanks. Seven years ago she and another priestess were sent away from the Sanctuaries of Shadow and Light in order to complete a specific assignment. This quickly became a task neither women were interested in. In Rosalie's case, she grew to love life far away from her restrictive and dangerous home. She wants nothing more than to stay in Concordia and live a normal life-- until she's pulled outside of linear time with no way to get back. Then she just wants any kind of life. At least she still has her pet shadow, an elemental with dog-like intelligence, and the burgeoning friendship with a strange woman who may also be a traveler in time.

To learn more about Rosalie, check out her moodboard pages!
Rosalie's Bio
Rosalie's Past

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