Quick Stats:
Name: Camille
Age: 26
Height: 5'7"
Birthplace: Montglace
Occupation: priestess
Magic: light
Favorite Color: pale pink
Favorite Hobby/Skills: studying myths and researching history of magic
Traits: confident, ambitious, distrustful

About Camille:
Camille is a priestess who is great at summoning and controlling light elementals, not so great at listening. Like Rosalie, she has long since lost interest in the task assigned to them by their home temples. Unlike her colleague and closest friend, she is determined to someday go back. The messages they've received from their superiors have grown more and more contradicting and nonsensical over the years, which means something has clearly gone wrong back home. Not lacking in ambition or self-confidence, Camille is determined to prepare herself and Rosalie to take over as high priestesses of their respective Sanctuaries. Camille says it's because both are needed in order to change things, but in truth it's because she can't imagine life without Rosalie by her side. When Rosalie goes missing, Camille finds herself shaken and adrift for the first time in her life.

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