Sol Celeste

Quick Stats:
Name: Solei "Sol" Celeste (surname becomes Travellarri)
Birthdate: Stele 32nd, 436 (equivalent of February 2nd)
Age: 26
Height: 6'6" 
Birthplace: Montglace
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Tarot Card: The Sun
Occupation: carnival performer, inventor
Magic: light/fire
Favorite Hobby/Skills: tinkering with inventions, befriending everyone he meets
Favorite Color: bright yellow
Fears: losing someone he loves, confrontation
Traits: silly, optimistic, happy-go-luck

About Sol:
Sol is a fire performer with light/fire magic, but you can usually find him swimming through a dumpster or garbage heap. He’s an inventor who uses scraps that no one else wants and the heat from his magic to create objects ranging from useful to "what the heck is this thing?" He always has ideas, although whether they’ll work or backfire spectacularly is up in the air– which is frequently where they end up when they backfire. He’s something of a genius ditz; he comes off as a vapid, musclebound goofball, but inside that thick head of his is a mind that’s always five steps ahead. It’s just that they’re five steps well off the beaten path and his Sol-ish comments tend to leave people bewildered. As sunny as his chosen name, he’s always friendly and eager to help others even when his goofy flavor of help isn’t always appreciated. He’s Etri's identical twin and they intentionally play off each other’s sun/moon, light/dark theme.

To learn more about Sol, check out his moodboard pages!
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