Adair Cerulean

Name: Adair Cerulean (surname becomes Travellarri) 
Birthdate: Mortise 30th, 441 (equivalent of October 1st) 
Age: 18 
Height: 5'5"
Birthplace: Concordia
Astrological Sign: Libra 
Tarot Card: Page of Cups 
Occupation: cartographer
Magic: Colorweaving (illustration/illusion)
Favorite Hobby/Skills: drawing, painting, cooking, eating
Favorite Color: sky blue
Fears: heights
Traits: cheerful, sweet, affectionate
Links: Moodboard / Pinterest Board

Adair is an arcane painter and cartographer whose illusion/illustration magic channels through art. More than a little obsessed with food, particularly pies and desserts, Adair loves cooking almost as much as he loves drawing and spending time with his friends. Just like a pie, he’s sweet, a little flaky, everyone’s always happy to see him, and he’s stuffed full of blueberries. Adair’s a trans boy who wears his heart on his sleeve next to the paint stains that regularly splatter his clothes. Technically the main character of the Unexpected Inspiration series, he’s the heart of a misfit group of carnival performers who consider him one of their own.

Adair is a young artist in a culture where artistic talent goes hand in hand with magic, which in his culture is called weaving. He's a cartographer and an illustrator specializing in illusions; his drawings have the uncanny ability to move around on the page, for example. He was working on his final project as an amateur artist when his life suddenly became much more interesting- and complicated.

Up until his unfinished map was stolen, Adair had been living a perfectly ordinary life. He had spent six years serving as an apprentice under a skilled master artist, learning both weaving and cartography. A few months before the events of Colorweaver (book 1), his former teacher had deemed him ready and his studies complete, and Adair was sent on his way to independently work through his year as an amateur. During that time an artist's main purpose is to create and finish a project that would allow the Artisan council to promote them to novice status, the first rank of a full adult artist. The arcane map was to be Adair's graduation project.

Adair had done well as an apprentice, but truth be told, his master wasn't the most traditional of artists. This shaped Adair's outlook and personality and he now bears little resemblance to the average Artisan. It's a running joke that no one ever recognizes him as one, which both pleases and irks him. He's adaptable and amicable almost to the point of it being a fault, and while this gives him trouble when he has to deal with other artists, it worked to his advantage when his map was taken. Thrust into a situation where he had to get creative with his weaving in order to track down his stolen project and help his friends, his ability to be more fluid than practical became his advantage. Without the confines of Artisan tradition, Adair is at his best. "Best" doesn't always mean "effective" or "what he intended," but he puts his heart into it and this usually leads him in the right direction.

His innate fluidity and creativity also meant that he wasn't entirely floundering when the tug of his stolen project led him straight out of normality and into a troupe of carnival performers. Before he realized what was happening, he became a kind of ringmaster to a group consisting of several carnies. Adair's life won't be the same again, but with this new family and the opportunity to stretch his figurative wings as a Weaver, he will never complain about that!


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