Etri Celeste

Name: Etraunjei "Etri" Celeste (surname later becomes Travellarri)
Birthdate: Stele 32nd, 436 (equivalent of February 2nd)
Age: 24
Height: 6'6" 
Birthplace: Montglace
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Tarot Card: The Hermit (or possible The Moon)
Occupation: carnival performer, part time thief, later sentinel
Magic: shadow
Favorite Hobby/Skills: astronomy, reading
Favorite Color: dark blue
Fears: social situations
Traits: introverted, shy, intelligent, protective
Links: Moodboard / Pinterest Board

Etri currently works as a carnival performer specializing in knives, having previously spent several years working as a reverse-thief where he returned stolen art back to its creators. He has a bad case of goth, probably because of his shadow magic that snuffs out light/fire and turns him nearly invisible, but this magic helped his thieving career immensely. Etri’s the epitome of the expression "cold hands, warm heart"– and not just because his magic leaves his skin noticeably chilly. While he’s a reserved introvert with social anxiety, he’s also kindhearted and intensely loyal to anyone who has gotten past his shy demeanor to earn his friendship. This loyalty and a fiercely protective streak leads him to become one of Adair’s sentinels, alongside Blythe. He’s the brains of the group and the one most likely to think through a plan before diving headfirst into trouble. Unfortunately the others all like to drag him in with them, so he spends more time trying to plan his way out of trouble.

Etri and Sol are identical twins who have shadow and light magic. "Celeste" is the surname they picked when they became performers, chosen because of their act's sun/moon theme, and Solei ("Sol" for short) is also an assumed name. Etri's real name is Etraunjei, but he only ever goes by the shortened version.

As their lingering accents, strange names, and pale features can attest, they weren't originally from Concordia. In the country of Montglace are cities far below the snow and ice; it was at a temple in one of these underground cities that the twins were born. They were raised by the priest/esses of Shadow, along with the other children born into the order, and when Etri began to show signs of possessing this kind of magic, he became an acolyte-apprentice. Etri was content with the prospect of becoming a priest someday, but Sol was never truly happy. While it was assumed for many years that Sol lacked magic, the truth was that his power surfaced at the same time Etri's did. Sol, however, kept this a secret. If he had let on that he possessed the opposing light magic, he would have been sent to the temple of Light, which would have meant permanent separation from those he cared about.

This didn't go as well as he'd hoped. Sol and his boyfriend, a young-- and reluctant-- shadow priest, were discovered making plans to flee the city together. Leaving was forbidden to anyone in the city and in the process of escaping, his love was killed and Sol was only able to get away by using his hitherto hidden magic. Forced to make the choice between loyalty to his brother and loyalty to his future order, Etri picked his brother and fled with Sol so that he could protect him on the long, cold journey south.

As they traveled, Etri began to acquire the skills of a thief and pickpocket, using his shadow magic to steal what they needed. Sol, meanwhile, went back to doing the one thing that had always made him happy and had largely been denied to him at the temple: tinkering with discarded objects to turn them into art and functional contraptions. Between what Etri stole and what Sol made, they were able to keep themselves fed and healthy as they traveled. It wasn't until they reached Concordia and ran across a young woman skilled in thievery that they found a home, however. Sympathetic to the brothers, she introduced them to her carnival troupe. Sapphire became Etri's thieving partner and with the help of her and the other carnies, Sol and Etri put together a carnival act. These tricks directly tied into their light/shadow magic, so fire performing was the logical career choice. They stayed with this stationary troupe for a while before Sol's wanderlust led them to join a roving troupe instead.

Sol took well to the life of a performer and quickly became friends with the other carnies, possessing the charisma and sunny personality that matched his flavor of magic. Etri, always introverted and somewhat socially anxious, was never as comfortable with the performance occupation as his brother. When Adair bumbled his way into their lives, the sympathetic twins readily agreed to help him. Sol, ever friendly and social, got along well with the similar personality the artist possessed, and even Etri was willing to befriend the easygoing Adair who never so much as blinked an eye at his strange quirks


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