Etri Celeste

Quick Stats:
Name: Etraunjei "Etri" Celeste (surname later becomes Travellarri)
Birthdate: Stele 32nd, 436 (equivalent of February 2nd)
Age: 26
Height: 6'6" 
Birthplace: Montglace
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Tarot Card: The Hermit (or possible The Moon)
Occupation: carnival performer, part time thief, later sentinel
Magic: shadow
Favorite Hobby/Skills: astronomy, reading
Favorite Color: dark blue
Fears: social situations
Traits: introverted, shy, intelligent, protective
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About Etri:
Etri is a carnival performer specializing in knives, having previously spent several years working as a reverse-thief where he returned stolen art back to its creators. His magic involves shadows and darkness, allowing him to snuff out light/fire and turn himself nearly invisible-- something that helps both his thieving career and his social anxiety immensely. Etri is the epitome of the expression "cold hands, warm heart"– and not just because his magic leaves his skin noticeably chilly. While he's a reserved introvert with a fear of social situations, he's also kindhearted and intensely loyal to anyone who has gotten past his shy demeanor to earn his friendship. This loyalty and a fiercely protective streak leads him to become one of Adair's sentinels, alongside Blythe. He's the brains of the group and the one most likely to think through a plan. Unfortunately, he's also the one most likely to dive headfirst into the first sign of danger without telling anyone about it. He'd much rather risk himself than have someone else potentially get hurt.

To learn more about Etri, check out his moodboard pages!
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