Unexpected Inspiration Character: Etri Celeste

Etri’s free hand crept closer to the part of the branch that still burned. The flame began to diminish, dwindling down as his [magic] neared. By the time he wrapped his long fingers around where the fire once burned brightly, only the color of the scorched wood showed that it had ever been lit.

Etri currently works as a carnival performer specializing in knives, having previously spent several years working as a reverse-thief where he returned stolen art back to its creators. He has a bad case of goth, probably because of his shadow magic that snuffs out light/fire and turns him nearly invisible, but this magic helped his thieving career immensely. Etri’s the epitome of the expression “cold hands, warm heart”– and not just because his magic leaves his skin noticeably chilly. While he’s a reserved introvert with social anxiety, he’s also kindhearted and intensely loyal to anyone who has gotten past his shy demeanor to earn his friendship. This loyalty and a fiercely protective streak leads him to become one of Adair’s sentinels, alongside Blythe. He’s the brains of the group and the one most likely to think through a plan before diving headfirst into trouble. Unfortunately the others all like to drag him in with them, so he spends more time trying to plan his way out of trouble. He’s one of the main characters in the Unexpected Inspiration series.



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