Blythe Bladedancer

Quick Stats:
Name: Blythe Bladedancer / Dreihda Soldat (later Travellarri)
Birthdate: Scriven 14th, 439 (equivalent of August 5th)
Age: 23
Height: 5'10"
Birthplace: Concordia
Astrological Sign: Leo
Tarot Card: Strength
Occupation: healer and carnival performer
Magic: healing
Favorite Hobby/Skills: weapon training, gardening, knitting, sewing
Favorite Color: earth tones
Fears: her heritage
Traits: confident, strong-willed, quick-witted
Links: Pinterest Board

About Blythe:
Blythe is an arcane healer as well as a knife/blade performer with a carnival troupe. Prior to becoming a carny, Blythe was raised as a Protectorate, the people trained to guard art and artists. Along with Etri, she becomes one of Adair’s sentinels. (This is a triad culture; sentinels are the bodyguards/spouses to artists.) As much protector as healer, she’s strong-willed, quick at making decisions, and just as quick to speak her mind. She has a soft spot for those in need and will defend and help anyone who looks like they might need it, even if they insist they don’t. Blythe doesn’t fear much of anything, except maybe her family’s past– or one of her friends doing something stupid that she’d have to rescue them from. In her defense, this seems to happen every five minutes.

To learn more about Blythe, check out her moodboard pages!
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Blythe's Past
The Trio
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