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Every once in a while I break out my Wreck This Journal and do a page or two. Most of the time I try to relate the page to the story I'm currently working on, so these three pages all involve characters from my "Unexpected Inspiration" series. My usual medium is colored pencil, so these pages all use that.

This is the "Write One Word Over and Over" page, but I went against the instructions because I couldn't decide on a single word. "Strength", "creativity", and "courage" are words that I like to focus on because they remind me that I can have those things. That being those things are important! For the page, I tied them into three of the protagonists in my fantasy series- each of the characters possess one trait the most. (Flower and strength for my warrior/healer Blythe, his paintbrush and creativity for my artist mage Adair, and his hourglass and courage for my socially phobic thief-turned-bodyguard Etri.) Their traits start to blend together after they spend a lot of time together, though, so in the background every color (character) gets to have all three words. My characters and writing give me strength, creativity, and courage. :)

Here's Etri again. I did this page of my WTJ during "Asexual Awareness Week". Since I'm ace, I traced my hand while wearing my black ring (that's kind of our symbol), then colored in the asexuality flag behind it. The opposite page was free, so there I drew Etri. Why? Because he's also ace! Yay, representation!

And I can't have Etri without his dorky brother Sol. For this page my first thought was to turn my hair into a paintbrush. Well, I’d already done a paintbrush (see above), but I really liked this idea. Then I remembered a scene that happens in book 1. Adair’s cat is constantly stealing his paintbrushes and trying to eat the bristles. One of the other characters… well, he’s a little strange. Sol’s something of a genius ditz. He’s absolutely brilliant when it comes to tinkering and inventing things, but the rest of the time he’s an airhead. He says the strangest things! Sol sees the cat gnawing on a paintbrush, so he decides what the heck, there must be something to this. Adair walks in to find him with the brush in his mouth and Sol mock-pouts “My lollipop has a mustache!”

Looking at these pages is making me want to do more creative (and probably silly) things with my dorks, so maybe I'll do some more pages soon. :)




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