Map of Concordia

It’s still very basic since I haven’t really worked out much about geography or locations yet, but here’s the start of a map of Concordia I made using Concordia is the main country where most of my fantasy series takes place.

I’m trying so hard to not just turn the cities into Pokemon city names, but this is a culture of artists and they name everything after colors. And they make everything colors, too! If I add the roads to the map, each of them is a color based on the city (cities?) it connects to. I’m kind of tempted to do that, though, since it would give this map some much needed color. My gaudy people are crying out for more color on this map! … well, except for Galanvoth. I actually have to find a way to make that country less colorful than this because that land isn’t healthy. Concordia flourishes thanks to a mostly-forgotten kind of magic. Galanvoth… ugh, I feel sorry for Blythe and Dray who both spent several years living there. It’s nearly as dismal as the land looks. (This may be because that culture is trying to be everything Concordia isn’t.)

Silverridge is supposed to be in the middle of a river since the river runs through the center of the city. I probably should add some sort of color for elevation since Concordia is flat except for a large hill there. Note to self.

Not pictured is Montglace (Etri and Sol’s home country) since it’s in the far distant north. Maybe someday I’ll make a larger map that shows the continent?



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