My novel, as reviewed by its main characters

 “A ridiculous story with a happy ending, although I’m still not sure how we pulled that last trick off. Oh, and too many dorks.” - Blythe

 “Not nearly enough pie. ... Wait, what do you mean, too many dorks?” - Adair

 “You call that a happy ending? More like an unfortunate addition to the tragic tail that is my life. Err… I meant tale. I better get a more pleasant story in the next book.” - Dray

 “Hey guys! Guys guys guys! I heard that I get a much bigger role in book two! Isn’t that great!” - Sol

“I am relieved this drama has been resolved. Now we can return to living quiet, normal lives, for which I am quite thankful. … A second book? It is too late to request transfer to a different author, yes?” - Etri

 “I didn’t even realize until the book was half over that I was the antagonist. Then it took me another quarter to learn what one was! You have to tell me these things, I don’t know what I’m doing. It was just a piece of paper, how’d I know it was going to turn into a me hunt?” - Talan

 “Far far too many dorks. (Who also don’t seem to understand the concept of a review.)” - Blythe again

(This is for Book 1 (Colorweaver) since that’s what I’ve been working on this year.)



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