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Well, I’m not entirely sure about this cover. How DO you get the point across about lighthearted fantasy using stock images? It definitely has the feel of the main character in this story, though, so I’ll stick with it. All this rambling means that I’m sharing one of my older stories over on Wattpad! You can find my Wattpad here and this particular story here.

Here’s the summary of Hidden Magic:
A young elf takes up the task of hunting down a band of orc trespassers with the help of her centaur brother. When she stumbles into a pitfall, Meren finds an object: an amulet that gives strange new powers. Little does she know that an increasingly desperate young wizard is looking for the very same amulet and that their paths are destined to crisscross in a weave of chaotic magic… 

This takes place in a different world than my usual writing because I wrote this long before those characters/world existed (this is from ‘11) and it’s more traditional fantasy than the style I write now. It’s still got comedy and cute romantic stuff, though! This is a longer story, a novella probably since it’s about 22k words. I’ll be sharing each chapter as I do some editing to it. I'm planning to share those on Wattpad (and update those chapters on this blog, as well) on Wednesdays.




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