Halloween costumes for the characters

I probably should have shared this on, you know, Halloween, but a week late is my version of being on time. I was doing a challenge over on Instagram last month and one of the days asked "Do your characters celebrate Halloween?" Their world doesn't have Halloween, but their culture is a big fan of costume parties!

Last fall I wrote a short story called “Of Parties and Potions” (you can find it here on my blog or here on Wattpad) with lots silliness and shapeshifting magic at a costume party. Adair dressed as a cat and made Etri and Blythe match as a mouse and dog. (He picked mouse for Etri because Etri's rather shy and he picked a dog as in guard dog for Blythe because he thinks she's brave and strong.) Dray dressed in their usual dragon-inspired outfit and Sol went as Dray’s knight. Well, he tried- he just looked like a stove. The story is funny and the characters picking these costumes becomes a plot thing, so check it out if you're interested.

This was a lot of fun to draw, especially Sol! Adair’s not wearing quite the right thing because Artisan robes are way more complicated than my limited drawing skill allows, but Blythe and Etri’s sentinel uniforms are pretty close to how I picture those. (Sentinels all wear black and grey, accented in their artist’s magic color. Adair’s magic is purple.) Dray looks so tiny, but that’s probably accurate since Dray’s 5'2" and Sol and Etri are 6'6". I don't draw very often, but this is making me want to do it more so that I can improve. :)




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