Unexpected Inspiration Relationship: The Triad

"The three of us function best when we are together. Apart we are incomplete. Jointly our hearts beat as one." - "Who Picked Whom"

Etri finally lowered his head and turned towards his pair. He said nothing as he held his arms out. Words weren’t needed when his intention was so clear. Within the span of a moment Adair and Blythe were wrapped in his embrace. - "Adair’s Domestic Fluff"
Adair grinned up at him, too elated to make words work. He had his answer: any change in choice would have brought them together. Even if he had suffered through tradition, he still would have met his beloved carnies. - "Change of Choice"
As her pair smiled up at her, Blythe’s heart found its equilibrium for the first time since she lost her father. She had someone to share her flowers with again. Two someones, which made this even better. - “A Surprise Gift



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