March Wrap-up, April Goals

I’m doing last minute prepping for Camp NaNo and part of that is my monthly goals post, so here we go. :)

March summary: 

  • Short stories:  
    Earlier in the month I finished “Rooftop Reprised” and “This For That (Re)Quest” and I also wrote the first four parts of the platonic soulmate AU story “Stuck With You.”
  • Colorweaver - book 1:
    I decided last minute (because my Camp NaNo plans always change last minute lol) to switch from working on book 2 to book 1, so I’ve been scrambling to adjust the end of the book that was a complete mess in the previous draft. The good news is that last night I got this all sorted out and I’ve even figured out the part that had been stressing me out for three years! I’m super motivated to work on this, so fingers crossed I’ll keep that motivation long enough to finish this draft without getting distracted. I’m so easily distracted.
  • Moodboards:
    I got a little carried away with these this week and I made I think 8 of them. Which takes me to…

April goals:

  • Share the moodboards:
    I don’t think I’ll have much time to do short stories this month, so I’m going to instead focus on writing shorter things to go along with the moodboards. My plan is excerpts, drabbles, character bios, info about the story and culture- I’m hoping I can come up with a little something for each one and share them twice a week. (Please oh please let this help keep me motivated!)
  • Soulmate AU:
    I do still want to work on that this month because I don’t want this to turn into yet another story I abandon halfway through, so I’m going to try for a chapter a week, but it might end up every two. The next chapter involves Sol and glue, so that’s going to be a blast to write!
  • 3rd draft of Colorweaver:
    Here’s my main thing. It’s unlikely I’ll get the whole draft done in a month considering that each draft tends to take me closer to a year, but I’m hoping to get a good chunk of it done. :)




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