April Camp NaNo Wrap Up Post

April's Camp NaNo was a success! My goal was 40 hours of series-related stuff and I hit 46 hours. Towards the end of the month I started to run out of steam, but I only missed one day, so yay!

I’m proud of how much I did even with my attention split all over the place:
  • Edited the first 11 chapters of book 1
  • Wrote 3 chapters of my Soulmate AU
  • Wrote a short story from my antagonist's POV
  • Wrote bios and edited some excerpts for five moodboards

I think there were a few other little things in there, mostly about brainstorming book 1 adjustments. One thing I learned during this Camp NaNo is that I start to lose motivation when I'm not writing new things regularly. Putting my focus on editing was a great thing because it means I got some of that done... but I could have edited more if I'd also been writing since I kinda lost my excitement for the story. Let's face it, marking up things that need to be changed is kind of boring.

May Goals:
I'm going to try to write something at least five days a week. I'm not going to aim for a lot of writing, maybe 500 words a day, but I have this bad habit of freezing up and not being able to write anything if I’m not doing it regularly. I'm thinking I might dive back into my rewrite of book 2 while I'm editing book 1. Basically I’ve been feeling pretty bleh about writing probably because I’m not doing it enough and I’d like to get my enthusiasm back. :)

Summer Goals: 
To finish the Soulmate AU (I have 4 chapters left), finish editing book 1, and write a good chunk of book 2. I’d love to finish this draft of book 2 before November so that I can write book 3 for NaNo this year. Ultimately I’d like to keep my books staggered so none of them are at the same stage of editing. So like once I’m done marking up plot holes in book 1 and move onto writing that one again, book 2 will be at the point where I’m marking up plot holes and book 3 will be in the first draft. This sounds so daunting, though, but I know if I’m writing and editing regularly, I’ll be motivated to do it. (I hope. Or I’ll get distracted by short stories again lol.)




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