Wreck This Journal and Characters

This is a thing that I did with my Wreck This Journal that I’ve been meaning to share because I can see it being useful for writing. My WTJ is writing-themed, so for the "Make a paper chain" page I decided to instead use the links for writing inspiration. I used the colors I associate with each character and drew little symbols next to them that represented their interests/story. (I figured I’d leave the characters in the next trilogy blank and keep those in the book for now because I don’t know them well enough yet to assign them symbols and colors.)

I’m not sure how clear my itty bitty drawings are, so here’s a list:
Adair: paintbrush, pie, fork
Blythe: knife, plant, mortar and pestle
Etri: hourglass, book, pen
Sol: sun, wrench, screwdriver
Dray: fire and a fire sword (dance prop)
Willow: paw prints because cat
Rosalie: moon and a rose
Feren: books and a cut off braid with scissors
Nina: cooking bowls, pot, eggs, spoon
Sapphire: lock picks and a person tightrope walking
Wysta: plants and that medical symbol thingy
Talan: jar of light elementals, Adair’s stolen map
Camille: snowflake and light elementals

Well, I started at making a chain. I got these all made and connected the first two together as a chain… then realized that basically everything I did wouldn’t be visible because the links are so tiny. But seeing them lined up on my table? That gave me an idea. I laminated them with tape and found a cute jar at the dollar store and now I’m going to use these for writing!

Whenever I’m stuck and not sure what short story to write next, I’m going to close my eyes and pull a name or two (or however many) out and write about that character. I’m looking forward to this because I’d love to get a strange combination of characters who wouldn’t normally cross paths. ;) So yeah, I'm sharing this in case it gives someone an idea for writing inspiration if they’re stuck. Stick your characters in a jar and then become unstuck? I dunno, it’s oddly satisfying to shove them in a jar lol




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