Unexpected Inspiration Series: Rosalie's Time

This wasn’t when she was supposed to be.

Rosalie has never had an easy life. First was her weak magic that caused her to be all but ignored throughout her childhood. Then the constant abuse from the colleague she’s been forced to work alongside for eight years. More recently the realization that if she goes against orders, she’s likely to be thrown to the fire– literally. Her beloved “pet” shadow rescues her before she can decide if she’s brave enough to disobey, but instead of protecting her like it thought it was doing, it pulls her into an even worse situation.

The strange colorless world where Rosalie finds herself appears safe at first. Her partner certainly can’t find her here and she has time to decide what to do next. Time, however, is deceptive and isn’t on her side. When she convinces her shadow to bring her back to where they left, the “where” is right. It’s the “when” that’s a problem. She discovers that time in the shadowed place doesn’t exist as she knows it, and with every try at crossing back into her own reality, she winds up in a different year.

As she struggles to navigate the seemingly random decades, she gains the help of someone in her future who she thought was dead in her present. Unfortunately someone from her past– or is it her present?– works out that she’s outside her own time and tricks her into handing over her celestial medallion. Without the focus of her magic, returning to the present feels hopeless. Impossible or not, with the medallion now in the wrong hands, she needs to find and warn the people she now knows will become her friends– but only if she can reach them in time.

(This moodboard was made for an earlier version of book 2. I'll update this later to make it accurate to the current version.)



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