Unexpected Inspiration Connection: Blythe & Sol

"It's not different. She's a healer to broken people, I'm a healer to broken things. We both fix things. The difference is, she can't make broken people shoot spikes or ignite with the push of a button, and I can! I mean things, not people. I can't make people shoot spikes."

- excerpt from "Stuck With You"

Similar to how Dray thinks of Adair as a little brother, Blythe sees Sol as hers. Never mind that he's four years older and eight inches taller, he's her responsibility and she's going to do everything she can to keep him out of trouble and patch him up when things go wrong-- and boy do they go wrong. Sol's decision-making is questionable and he often gets distracted, and when this combines with his work as an inventor or his fire magic, things frequently spiral out of control. His heart is always in the right place, it's just that his brain is usually scattered in about ten different places all at once. He's Blythe's most regular patient and she has pages upon pages of notes filled with his health records specifying which types of healings worked best for him and what he'd done to cause each particular injury. The first was "tried to make wings, fell off roof" and it only went downhill from there. Sol is the only person Blythe uses endearments on and she will use words like "sweetie" or "darling," although they tend to be followed by "please get off the roof" or "can you put this fire out now?" He gets easily overwhelmed and often needs reassurance that no one is upset or angry at him, so Blythe calling him by affectionate nicknames lets him know that everything is okay.

Sol is driven by two goals: to help make peoples' lives better and to make Blythe proud. He's been with her carnival troupe for about six months and in that time almost everyone has gained a Sol invention for either their home or their act. Blythe's home is full of them because he loves helping her most of all. While making this moodboard I realized why Blythe is as close to Sol as she is, when he isn't the kind of person she'd normally click with. It's because she sees that he wants so much to help others and she recognizes that he's trying his best. This resonates with her as a healer. He might approach it from a strange direction, but his purpose in life is essentially the same as hers. She's a healer to people, he's a healer to the broken objects and new inventions he uses to help people.


The stove in this moodboard has a double meaning. One of the things Sol has tinkered with to improve Blythe's life is her stove, which he's made larger and placed a magical fire inside, so that there's no danger of anything burning if she's called away by a medical emergency. The other meaning is a homage to a short story where everyone gets shapeshifted except for Blythe; her sidekick in the story is Sol who was turned into a talking stove.



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