Unexpected Inspiration Character: Sapphire

Blythe frowned at her, taking in the blue gloves, blue dress, blue hair, blue everything. Surely she’d remember someone who looked like that. Then it clicked. “Let me guess. You’re Sapphire.”

The other woman brought her hand to her chest and let out a little gasp. “However did you know! I thought I was keeping that so well a secret.”

-excerpt from an early draft of Colorweaver (Book 1)

Sapphire is an aerial performer and the leader of the carnival troupe in Silveridge, the capital city of Concordia. When she isn’t sorting out who’s performing at which venue and breaking up arguments about costumes, she can be found in her other organizational role with the troupe. Many of the city’s performers are also thieves who return stolen art back to the artists who created it and it’s up to Sapphire to keep track of what each reverse-thief is doing so that they don’t cross paths or get caught. Sapphire excels at this administrative role, being calm, competent, and experienced, while at the same time her strong desire to take care of the people she considers family makes them intensely loyal to her. Keeping her carnies safe always comes before anything else and there’s nothing her troupe wouldn’t do for her in return.

She sounds straightforward enough, but once you get to know her a little better, things start to not add up. Like how she can pick up any prop or instrument and instruct a performer on how to use it. While this isn’t uncommon for a troupe leader, she can also speak any language, converse about any subject that comes up, and seems to know every possible fact about her city. Speaking of Silveridge, it does seem a little strange that she wanders through the streets on a daily basis, touching specific edifices and objects when she thinks no one’s looking. And that watch in the moodboard looks awfully similar to the one in Rosalie’s time travel board. Could this be connected to Rosalie finding Sapphire waiting for her in every year she visits? Is there more to Sapphire’s penchant for wearing blue than just a fondness for the color? And just what secrets are Sapphire’s loyal carnies keeping safe for her? This woman has mysteries stacked upon more mysteries if an outsider is perceptive enough to catch them.

Sapphire is a secondary character in the Unexpected Inspiration series. She originally connects to the main characters because she's Etri's mentor and former thieving partner. Sapphire also appears in many of Rosalie's time-travel chapters where she gradually becomes her friend and eventual love interest.



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