Ametrine Travellarri

Quick Stats:
Name: Ametrine Travellarri
Age: 12
(Later in the series he becomes a main POV character. In this short story he's 20.)
Height: 5'1"
Birthplace: Galanvoth
Tarot Card: Page of Pentacles
Occupation: kid
Magic: none
Favorite Colors: purple and yellow
Favorite Hobby/Skills: drawing, hula hooping
Traits: quiet, skittish

About Ametrine:
Ametrine is a shy and quiet runaway from the neighboring country of Galanvoth. He rarely talks about his past, but from what the others have pieced together, his family replaced him. Galanvoth is a place where passing on a trade is more important than anything else, and it isn't uncommon for a firstborn to be demoted or kicked out of their family entirely if they're deemed not good enough. Ametrine was able to get away and made it to the safety of Concordia's capital city, where he was fostered with Sapphire and her carnival troupe. He meets Dray not long after this. Dray was also a runaway from Galanvoth and takes Ametrine under their wing, introducing him to their friends who immediately treat Ametrine as though he was part of their family. When he's asked if he wants to be adopted, he doesn't really understand why they would want him when his own parents didn't. He agrees without much hesitation, though, because the way he sees it, five people who love him unconditionally is a much better family than two traditional parents who didn't. For a while there's a fear in the back of his mind that he won't be good enough for them, but gradually this starts to fade.

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Ametrine's Bio
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