Unexpected Inspiration Character: Adair Cerulean

Adair tapped his thumb to his ring finger for luck, something he had picked up from his new friends, then tucked his paintbrush behind his ear. Emotional support from an art supply. Creators, he was pathetic.

Adair is an arcane painter and cartographer whose illusion/illustration magic channels through art. More than a little obsessed with food, particularly pies and desserts, Adair loves cooking almost as much as he loves drawing and spending time with his friends. Just like a pie, he’s sweet, a little flaky, everyone’s always happy to see him, and he’s stuffed full of blueberries. Adair’s a trans boy who wears his heart on his sleeve next to the paint stains that regularly splatter his clothes. Technically the main character of the Unexpected Inspiration series, he’s the heart of a misfit group of carnival performers who consider him one of their own.



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