Unexpected Inspiration Character: Talan

Talan tilted his head back to look up at Dray with contriteness in eyes the color of a stormy afternoon sky. Blue-grey wasn’t a common color. Even Dray’s own hazel was unusual, but Talan’s nonconformity was what had drawn Dray to him in the first place. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there to meet you. I found this and I wanted to see if it was worth anything.”

-Excerpt from Colorweaver (Book 1)

Talan is equal parts cheerful and peculiar, with almost a lethal case of curiosity. He’s something of a magpie who collects various bits of everything in a personal quest to discover its purpose. He has a tenuous grasp on the concept of possessions and tends to think of anything that isn’t currently being worn or carried or nailed down as fair game. How can it be thievery when the person clearly doesn’t want it any more? He’s Dray’s boyfriend, at least for a little while, and Dray’s malfunctioning moral compass hasn’t exactly been the best influence in Talan’s life. Relatively new to Concordia in particular and civilization in general, Talan struggles with things like laws, idioms, and telling other people apart. He’s determined to learn these things, though, and wants more than anything to fit in. Talan is a secondary character in the Unexpected Inspiration series and will also appear as a protagonist in at least one other story in the series.



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