Unexpected Inspiration Character: Willow the Cat

The pantry door popped open and a perplexed cat was deposited on the other side. It opened again just long enough for a can to roll across the floor.

"She's not going to eat chickpeas," Adair pointed out as Willow began washing herself with a hauteur that suggested she was above dealing with stupid humans.

-Excerpt from "Is This Closet Mine or Yours?"

Willow sauntered into Blythe's home one day and insisted that was where she now lived. While technically Adair's cat, she claims cat-ownership over the entire group to various degrees of agreement. She can frequently be found riding around on Adair's shoulders and nibbling his paint brushes, keeping mice out of Blythe's healing herbs and occasionally trying to eat her plants, snuggled up with Etri while he reads, and sleeping on a pile of Dray's costumes. However, the bulk of Willow's attention is saved for Sol. She's either his arch nemesis or best friend, but no one is sure which. Sol claims that he can talk to her and the two of them frequently get into “arguments” that no one else understands. (More than likely, Sol ate her treats and she stole his sunbeam.) She's highly curious and loves to climb into cabinets and pilfer anything shiny or ribbony. Her favorite game is swatting tiny light elementals. Consequently, this is the light elementals' least favorite game.



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