Unexpected Inspiration Series: The Dorks' Magic

Adair: Colorweaving (illusion/illustration magic)

It’s difficult to find an image that portrays Adair’s magic because what it generally looks like are drawings and paintings. He’s a cartographer and creates interactive maps as his career, but he also uses his magic to animate the pictures he draws/paints. With enough experimenting, he figures out that he can do actual illusions that don’t involve paper. If he paints a picture on his clothes, this changes his appearance. If he draws on the air in front of him, he can make a 3d illusion appear. I picked this picture because Weavers (people with magic) have an aura of a specific color around their body based on the type of magic they have. Since Adair has Colorweaving, his is purple.

Dray: Wordweaving (spoken/written magic) and fire magic

Dray is a rare case because genetics gave them magic from both sides of their family. Wordweaving is an artist kind of magic that generally involves storytelling and written words. Dray’s isn’t all that strong, though, and they generally just use it to give someone a suggestion to follow. Normally this is to keep away people who bother or harass them, but occasionally Dray will use this for mischief. It has to be something that sounds reasonable to the person Dray wants to influence or else it won’t work. Dray’s other magic is much stronger and allows Dray to summon/control fire without being hurt by it. They’re a fire performer, so they use this in their carnival act.

Etri: Shadow magic

Etri is foreign, so his magic doesn’t match up with the artist type. With it he can interact with shadow elementals and ghosts, and he can extinguish fire and light. He also has the ability to travel to the plane/world of shadow. (I need to name this- Etri just calls it “the place of shadow.” It’s a mirror world to the main one, but doesn’t contain any living creatures. It’s debatable if shadow elementals are technically alive.) There’s a side to his magic that he doesn’t talk about much, though, and that’s his shapeshifting ability. He can go intangible and turn himself into a shadow, which was a huge help when he worked as a thief.

Blythe: Healing magic

Blythe has the type of Concordian magic that isn’t considered magic- it’s seen as medicine. It’s technically earth magic, but in the sense that the land itself is magic and almost sentient. It chooses the people it wants to have use it instead of it being something tied to your genetics and family like the other magics in this world. A healer needs to be on Concordia’s soil or have some of this soil with them in order to reach this magic. Healing magic is worked by painting patterns on the patient’s body using a herbal paste. Because the healer is a channel for the magic and this is constantly flowing through them, they’re immune to illness, and any injury they receive heals almost immediately. The healers are also touch-telepaths and have the ability to read surface thoughts if the person is awake, or their dreams if the person is asleep. Blythe eventually learns how to take this further and see specific memories.

Sol: Light magic

The country Etri and Sol come from have two types of magic: light and shadow. Sol has the first and can summon light and fire, as well as heat up his body temperature. He often has orbs of light bobbing around near his head for extra light while he's inventing things and and he uses the heat side of his magic to soften and shape metal with his bare hands. He may someday be able to use his magic similarly to Etri and be able to cross over to the world of the light elementals, but so far he hasn't been able to do this. His ability to focus isn't great and it has prevented him from being able to do as many things with his magic as his brother can.



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