Unexpected Inspiration Connection: Adair & Sol

“Sol, you know you're my best friend and that means I love you and want to help with whatever this thing is- Creators help me, why does it have arms?- but there's no way in the name of any of the nine Muses that I’m doing this ever again.”

-Adair, "This for That (Re)Quest"

Sol was the first carny Adair befriended after waking up and finding that he’d sleepwalked into a carnival. The fact that Sol didn’t find this at all odd and only wanted to befriend this random paint-splattered boy while Adair, when faced with Sol’s glitter-covered goofiness, thought “I like him!” probably says everything about the two. Their friendly, open, accepting personalities meant that within minutes of meeting, they felt like they’d known each other forever. They’re my sunshine boys, all optimism and kindness, with a heaping pile of creativity. Adair’s a cartographer and painter, Sol is an inventor and tinkerer. They frequently work together on projects and have easily slid into the role of each other’s assistant, even if there is some confusion for Adair over which wrench is which and Sol is tempted to color-code Adair’s paintbrushes so he can tell them apart. (And don’t get Adair started on how often Sol “borrows” his orange and yellow paints!) It always works out, though, because they get each other in a way that no one else has really ever understood either of them– creative minds can be a little strange. It’s now an almost nightly adventure for them to go dumpster diving for spare parts for Sol’s inventions and I’m pretty sure both see this as the highlight of their day.

For the moodboard I focused on their similarities despite looking nothing alike. Adair frequently tucks his paint and brushes into his pockets and Sol started copying him in ways that only Sol would come up with. (In his underpants? Absolutely.) That text conversation picture is perfect because Sol always has these Brilliant Ideas and drags Adair into them. Adair probably knows better, but still joins his best friend every time.



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