Unexpected Inspiration Character: Ametrine Travellarri

Ametrine's voice was so quiet Adair had to strain to hear. "You leave me here when you go home."

That nightmare was a new one. Fortunately it was a much easier one to chase away with truth and reassurance than the ones about monsters or Ametine’s original family. Who, in Adair's opinion, might as well have been monsters.

-Excerpt from "Family of the Heart"
Ametrine is a quiet and timid runaway who found himself fostered with the carnival troupe in Concordia's capital city. One minute he was standing on the sidewalk scared and alone with a grumbling belly, the next he was brought into a gigantic building where there were lots of official people and, thankfully, some food. A few people poked him in the head for a while, then he was handed off to a woman dressed all in blue. She explained to the confused boy that all this was to determine that he wasn't going to be sent back to his parents. The healers and docents-- whatever those were-- knew about his past and the abuse he had experienced. If he wanted, he could stay with her where he would be safe. He was suspicious, but followed her to his new home. When the nice blue woman was swarmed by loud, complaining carnival performers as soon as they stepped in the door, Ametrine slipped away from the noise to find someone else who spoke his language.

He found Dray. Dray had also been a runaway from Galanvoth and took Ametrine under their wing, making him feel welcome and answering all the questions he had. Dray introduced him to their friends and Ametrine soon discovered that these new people cared more about him than his family ever did. When Adair asked him if he wanted to be adopted, he couldn't really understand why they wanted him, but agreed without hesitation. The way Ametrine sees it, five people who love him is far more like a family than two traditional parents who didn't. Ametrine's new family isn't entirely sure how to be parents, but they're trying their hardest to help him and give him a happy, safe home where he's free to be himself.

Ametrine is a secondary character in the first trilogy of the Unexpected Inspiration series. He's one of the main characters in a later trilogy that takes place about a decade later.



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