Unexpected Inspiration Series: Good Guys & Gratitude

This moodboard represents each of the important protagonists for a theme of "gratitude." When I first asked what they were all thankful for, each gave me non-tangible answers like "family," "career," "magic," and "things being better now." When I clarified that I needed things that could be portrayed in picture form, they all must have agreed to get sarcastic with me because this is what they came up with. Maybe I should have asked the antagonists instead.

I'll be going from left to right and top row to bottom. You can click their names to learn more about them.

  • Blythe: Yarn. She does all sorts of fiber arts, like knitting, sewing, embroidery, and cross stitch, but her favorite is crochet. She likes doing these crafty things because they keep her hands busy. The girl has to constantly be doing something at all times, so this is how she relaxes.
  • Adair: Paint. Adair is an arcane cartographer by trade, so his way of relaxing is to do the more artsy things he loves, like painting. I don't think Adair has ever been seen without paint smudges on his clothes or the paintbrush that is the focus for his magic.
  • Rosalie: Fruit. Fresh fruit was so difficult to grow where she grew up that only the most important people got any of it. Now that she's in Concordia she takes full advantage of it being so abundant. Growing up on such a bland diet means most Concordian baked goods are too sweet or too much, so she just sticks with fruit.
  • Etri: Books. Books taught him the Concordian language because he was too shy and nervous to really ask people to help teach him. It's also how he's learned about the culture and art and his beloved stars and every other subject that has caught his attention. He loves learning everything about everything.
  • Sol: Glitter. Boy does he love glitter! He is convinced that putting glitter on his inventions makes them work better. The others have no idea how he keeps getting covered in glitter or where it all keeps coming from. Sol won't ever tell.
  • Dray: Makeup. Dray takes comfort in makeup because it allows them to look however they want, both with beauty-type makeup and with costume makeup. Sometimes Dray will wear costumes when they aren't performing because showing a different face/persona to the world gives them a feeling of safety.
  • Ametrine: Cupcakes. I've mentioned in passing before how each of Ametrine's adoptive parents do something to make him feel included in their family. Adair always bakes him colorful cupcakes and Ametrine loves these. He's grateful for the little things his parents do to show him that he's loved.
  • Willow: Ribbons. As if a mischievous cat would pick anything else! All of these characters wear a ribbon designating which carnival troupe they're a member of and Willow has a habit of stealing these and hiding them.
  • Sapphire: A door. Her carnival troupe is full-to-bursting and they're so very loud. Sapphire has some issues with things like noise and bright lights, so she's grateful for her quiet apartment where she can close the door and get away from all the chaos of running a carnival troupe.



  1. I'm so happy that I found your blog. :) I relate to Etri and Adair in terms of what they were thankful for.

    1. I'm glad you found it and it makes me happy that you're enjoying it. :) I relate to Blythe's answer best, but Ametrine has a close second because I can never say no to cupcakes lol.


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