Unexpected Inspiration Connection: Camille & Rosalie

Camille, the series antagonist, and Rosalie, one of the main characters, have a non-romantic, incredible toxic relationship. The board looks deceptively balanced, as though these two are equals, which is the way it should have been. Generations ago, the Sanctuaries of Light and Shadow in Montglace were balanced with each other and those with one type of magic worked alongside those with the other. There's still some remnant of this, such as when Camille and Rosalie were sent on their task together by their respective temples.

That was the only "in this together" the two of them have ever experienced. Camille desires power and status above anything else. Her goal-- not dream, she has no doubt that she'll attain this-- is to become the high priestess of light and have power over every type of light elemental, as well as over everyone else in her order. Rosalie's only goal is to avoid Camille as much as possible. With such weak magic, her culture sees her as nearly worthless (better only than those without magic at all) and Camille uses this to her own advantage. She orders Rosalie around the way she someday wants to do to all the other priests and priestesses.

Camille has made Rosalie's life miserable ever since they were sent on their task almost a decade ago. She's angry that she was sent away on this seemingly-endless assignment. She's angry that the temple paired her with such a worthless priestess who Camille thinks hinders their task more than helps. She's angry that she's not back home attaining her goal. So she takes all of her anger and frustration out on Rosalie, usually verbally, but often enough through the light elementals she controls. Rosalie has more than a few burns and scars hidden under her clothes. Camille uses the fear Rosalie has of her to control everything about her life and prevent her from doing what she truly wishes she could do. With her elementals always potentially spying on Rosalie, she has no option but to obey. Rosalie has no interest in their task or of eventually returning home once it's complete. All she wants is to be free.

Both feel out of place in Concordia, but Camille is too self-obsessed to feel the utter loneliness that Rosalie does. Things do turn around for Rosalie, though. Eventually she gets away from Camille and begins to live a life that isn't driven by someone else's whims and desires. She finds her own kind of strength while at the same time Camille's power begins to shackle her.

(This is a second moodboard for the theme of "poison" - the first is here.)



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