Unexpected Inspiration Drawing: Dray & Sol

I've gotten back into drawing with chibis of my characters. The first one I finished is Dray and Sol, the pair of fire dorks. Sol managed to sweep Dray off their feet-- literally here-- mostly through silliness and kindness. Dray couldn't tell you exactly when this happened because theirs was a relationship slow to develop, but I don't think it takes any characters by surprise to learn they're a couple. It's much more likely that their friends were placing bets on when Dray and Sol would finally admit it. (Hint: it takes three whole freaking books.)

You can find out more about their relationship here with their moodboard. They're adorable and chaotic and I love them.

This drawing started in my sketchbook and then I moved it over to my tablet to finish and color it. Below are details of the drawing and what it originally looked like. I'm having a lot of fun learning how to highlight and shade!



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    1. Thanks! I really have to get back to drawing. I started a few other chibis but haven't finished them yet.


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