Unexpected Inspiration Character: Rosalie

Unlike Camille who was branded with a sun with many rays to signify the strength of her light magic, Rosalie has the barest sliver of a crescent moon to represent her control over shadows. This sent her early life in a drastically different direction from Camille, despite them both being priestesses of the Montglacian temples. While Camille was given extensive training and got away with disobedience because she was valuable, Rosalie had only the barest teachings and was mostly ignored. However, being neglected was preferable to being noticed.

When Rosalie was a child, a tiny shadow elemental came to her. She kept it hidden from the larger, more violent shadows, and in return it protected her. As she grew older, her pet shadow grew stronger. While she doesn't have much ability to control shadows, they will frequently listen to a polite request asked by someone who respects them, and her pet in particular would do absolutely anything to keep her safe. In the Sanctuaries it wasn't uncommon for those with strong magic to target those with weaker to show off their power. Rosalie's pet warned her of troublesome people around, giving her time to get away and find a safe place to hide. She couldn't avoid being found if it was one of the higher priest/esses deciding to use her as the day's test subject, but by staying quiet and out of their way as much as possible, she kept herself off their radar. The scars she has from these days linger, as well as her tendency to look for a place to hide if things have a potential to become dangerous.

Rosalie's life continued this way for two decades before she was chosen to go alongside Camille on the task of returning the escaped twins. While Camille was sent because their superiors wanted her out of the way, Rosalie was sent simply because she wouldn't be missed. At first she was terrified of Camille, especially once she learned that Camille was one of the priest/esses assigned the job of testing the strength of elementals on others who had weaker magic. She had nothing to fear, though. Camille had never tested elementals the customary way and she was livid when she learned that Rosalie had been one of the "weak" ones hurt by this. Her anger was certainly a factor in the pair so readily giving up on the task they were assigned. For the first time in her life, Rosalie was valued by someone, and it's no wonder that she's willing to give up her own desires to help Camille achieve her goals.

Rosalie doesn't particularly want to return to Montglace, though. She much prefers the world outside her home and finds comfort and safety in a crowded city; a large crowd means she won't be noticed and won't be singled out, so she'll frequently be found at concerts, carnivals, and large events. She tries to live life to the fullest, learning everything she can about the world by experience the way Camille does through observation and research. Rosalie is a woman who appreciates the simple things in life because it's far more than she had before. One of the seemingly small things she likes best is fruit, particularly plums, because back in the temples so deep underground, only the most powerful had a full, balanced diet. Sweets and some foods are too much for her, so she prefers the flavor of fruit and simple, filling meals.

When Camille has to leave her for a while, Rosalie stumbles across a way to potentially help her partner. Unfortunately, this leads her to trusting the wrong person, being dragged into the wrong crowd, and ultimately getting pulled further from Camille than she could have imagined or wanted. The situation is disorienting and rather frightening, but she's spent her entire life adapting to dangerous situations. She and her pet will find their way back.

Rosalie is one of the main point-of-view characters in the first trilogy of the Unexpected Inspiration series. You can find her bio page here and learn more about her and Camille's backstory here.



  1. I love reading about the different aspects of your world's religion. :D

    1. Thanks! One of these days I'll have to sit down and really plan out how their religion works and the history behind it. :) Only one country/culture follows this, but I think it might have been founded in a long-abandoned religion of a different country/culture. (Or maybe not so much "abandoned" as "massively changed.")


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