Unexpected Inspiration Character: Rosalie

If she and Camille didn’t go back, then she could stay here, with comfortable beds and good food and maybe clothes that didn’t itch so terribly. All she had to do would be to... not find them.

Rosalie is a timid young woman far from what was once her home; eight years ago she and another priestess were sent away from the Sanctuaries of Shadow and Light in order to complete a specific task. Rosalie has struggled with her role in this, as she could have predicted from the lunar branding she received as a child. The fuller the phase of the moon, the more power a priest or priestess holds, and hers is no more than the tiniest sliver of a crescent. While Rosalie might lack magic strong enough to reliably make more than one shadow listen at a time, what she lacks in power she makes up for in kindness. Kindness was not an encouraged trait in her home temple, but it earned her the intense loyalty of one shadow who has stuck by her for the better part of her life. The shadow is really the only “better part” in her life, to spin the phrase another way. Part pet, part companion, and entirely her only friend, this shadow will do anything to keep Rosalie safe. With the support of her “pet,” she finds herself questioning her orders. If she has the courage, she can choose another path, but courage was never one of her strong traits. Rosalie is one of the main characters in the Unexpected Inspiration series.



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