Recommended Read: Sparks Fly by Elliot Orion


A Villain’s Guide to Getting a Date:

Step One: Piss off the Supers Association enough for them to send two hot Super Assassins after you.

Sparks Fly, once voted the most dangerous Villain in the United States, was not a good person. He didn’t care if people got hurt, as long as he was free from the pain of his powers for just a little while. Meeting Aves and Shadows, who had technically been sent to kill him, changed everything he thought he knew.

Because they didn’t kill him.

They offered to help, accepting him as a trans man and helping with his severe ADHD. No matter how nice they are, it won’t last. It never does, no matter how desperately he needs it to. Even if he could trust them...there’s only so long a Villain like him can outrun his past mistakes.

And he’s so tired of running.

Sparks Fly is available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. Elliot is working on many other projects, including other books in this series, so more will be released in the future. You can visit their author site at for updates and info.

I've been following the author's updates about this book for ages and I was so excited to learn that they were publishing it! I bought a copy right away and absolutely devoured it. The book is just so fun! There's Serious Plot Stuff going on, but alongside this was the sweetness of a developing relationship and the witty banter between the characters. Sparky, the main character, has such an amusing voice, and it was a pleasure to watch him grow in confidence and self-respect as the story progressed. I'm always looking for stories with good representation, and this one hit the mark with everything, from Sparky's ADHD, to Scout being deaf, to the lgbt+ themes. If you're looking for a YA LGBT+ superhero novel set in a universe where having powers isn't all it's cracked up to be, this book is for you. And I feel like here is where I should say "if you like my stuff, you'll like this" because it's also got humor, amusing dialogue, a triad, and characters who share a single brain cell. That's a glowing endorsement in my book, which incidentally isn't finished yet, so go read this one that is! ;)



  1. This seems like such a cool novel. :) I'll check it out sometime. :D

    1. Definitely do! The characters curse a lot more than mine do, and it's in 1st person, but otherwise it's definitely the same kind of feel to what I write. That's probably a reason I enjoyed it so much-- it's hard to find similar stories without having to write them myself lol


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