Unexpected Inspiration Character: Camille

Camille is a priestess with the ability to summon and control elementals. Like all who have magic in the Sanctuaries of Light and Shadow in Montglace, she was marked with the type of magic she possessed. A small sun with many rays is branded on her forearm, signifying that her magic is strong. Had she been like most of her peers with this status symbol, she would have used her magic to dominate light elementals and turn them against other priest/esses in an effort to assert her position. This never appealed to Camille.

Instead she found herself with waning faith and too many questions. One in particular haunted her until she decided to make it the focus of clandestine research. Why was it necessary to test an elemental's power on low-ranking, low-magic, "unimportant" priest/esses? She knew there had to be a better way that wouldn't hurt anyone, priest/ess or elemental. She was well on the path to a solution when she was pulled away from her experiments and forced in a different direction.

A boy was killed, another two managed to break free. Death wasn't uncommon inside the Sanctuaries, where it was a frequent method for climbing in rank, but this time it was the punishment for the worst form of disobedience: trying to escape the underground city. Camille spoke out about this and that was the final straw for her superiors. Already deemed too troublesome due to her curiosity and inclination to disregard what she was told, she was now considered expendable. She was assigned the task of finding the escaped boys and returning them to the temple. Camille, along with the priestess of shadow who was sent as her partner, quickly lost interest in their task. Neither wanted to do this in the first place and when the instructions they received from their home temples grew contradicting and nonsensical, Camille decided enough was enough. It was time for a new plan. She and Rosalie would take over as high priestesses of their respective Sanctuaries.

Camille would say this is because both are needed in order to change things, but the truth is that she can't imagine life without Rosalie by her side. As they begin researching elementals as best they can without the records and libraries of their home, Camille discovers that it's possible-- though not easy-- for her to summon shadow elementals. Perhaps with this trick up her sleeve, she would be able to protect Rosalie, whose own control over shadows was never particularly reliable. Little does Camille realize that Rosalie is experimenting with something on her own.

Camille is one of the main point-of-view characters in the first trilogy of the Unexpected Inspiration series. You can find her bio page here and learn more about her and Rosalie's backstory here.



  1. I enjoyed learning about Camille, I for some reason love creating and reading about other people's characters who are priestesses or priests of an other worldly religion.

    1. Thanks! That's always a thing I loved doing, too, and it always gets me curious when other people do religion things as part of their worldbuilding. :) The series I was writing before this one had all the main characters priests and priestesses of various fantasy deities. That was fun because I had the deities as characters themselves. Maybe someday I'll go back to that series. :)

    2. You're welcome. :) Oh yes, having deities as characters is awesome! I'm actually working on a book right now, where the deities from the characters religion influence the plot in different ways. (One of the deities also happens to be in love with one of the main characters).
      If you ever decide to go back and continue it one day, I would love to read it. :D

    3. P.S. Thank you for following my blog, it made my day. :D

    4. You gotta tell me more about this story! That sounds like a thing I'd love! I was bouncing around the idea of an MC from that earlier series being in a relationship with his god, but never got far enough with the story to do anything with it. (Aww! Your blog has me intrigued about your stories and also your art is so pretty! It's like... airy and light in a dreamy fantasy way!)


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