Unexpected Inspiration Character: Camille

Their heavy, form-covering clothing was absolutely wrong for this climate even in winter, but the last time Rosalie brought this up, Camille refused to speak to her for days. In hindsight, that was the most relaxing week Rosalie had ever experienced. Perhaps if she showed her mouth or arms, Camille would be so scandalized that she’d leave Rosalie alone for a month.

Camille is a priestess whose magic allows her to summon and control elementals. She was sent away from her home temple, the Sanctuary of Light in Montglace, with an order not to return until a specific task was completed. Almost a decade later she has not lost the determination to see this through, just as she retained the frustration with the partner she was assigned. Camille never forgave Rosalie for being the one selected to work with her; as a shadow priestess, Rosalie technically outranks Camille, but Rosalie’s weak magic makes this entirely insulting to someone who values power and status over all else. Camille is highly judgmental, arrogant, and career-focused to the point where one goal is all that drives her life. She sees the task she was assigned as one simple yet long-delayed step towards proving herself and gaining recognition, and blames Rosalie for the time they’ve wasted in leaving it unfulfilled. She’s determined to become the high priestess of her Sanctuary and will do whatever it takes to obtain this goal– including belittling, threatening, and using the woman who is her only ally in a place far from their home. Camille is an antagonist-turned-protagonist in the Unexpected Inspiration series.



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